The Imperial History

Imperial Timeline

-1 - The six savior’s are gathered by destiny for the first time in the lost city of Blackport. They adventure for a period of several months before disbanding for a year. They reconvene shortly before the Devastation.

0 - The Great Devastation

2 - The first shrine of the Cloaked Lady appears miraculously in the ruins of Black Port. The year is marked with a rising increase in births and healthy crops.

3 - Lutin and Ren discover the first of the survivor bands far to the North. Withen the year they have discovered over 500 survivors in the mountains of El-Kalix and the Old Forrest. This includes a small selection of Elves and Halflings who up unto this point had thought to have been eradicated.

4 - White Port is dedicated and declared the Capital.

7 - Bill rescues the men and women who will become the Sea Bulls after they run out of supplies and are caught in the doldroms of the western ocean.

10 - The Celestials declare that they will be forced to leave the material plane within the year lest the plane become unbalanced and the attentions of the blood war spill out onto it once more. Princess Eliana gathers her celestial army and crosses the continent to the ruins of Elora. The resulting battle claims her life, but redeems the souls of all those who inhabit the city. This tearful reunion of two cities expands the city of White Port into the Gwideo Empire. The Platinum Orders of Elora are founded.

11 - The Celestial Exodus.

16 - Jay and Aluren, the twin children of Lutin and Lucky are born. The free nations rejoice but immediately reject rule by secession.

20 - The Serpent Grave Mountains are Discovered, none dare venture beyond them due to DemonicSigns to the south East. Tales of a beautiful woman in platinum and a cloaked maiden warning away travelers become common place.

24 - Emperor Gwideon disappears for a period of 6 months to the South East, when he returns he declares that the threat has been stymied. 5 days later Imperial decree forbids crossing the mountains or colonizing the dessert nearby.

32 - House Svarlock’s Patriarch dies. He is succeeded by his son, Dorson Svarlock.

37 - Gwideon II is born. The empire rejoices.

40 - The Mageocracy is officially created. The 5 remaining leaders of the Arcane Order gather in Whiteport as councilors for the Emperor. Magical prodigies from many settlements join them.

44 - The Underfolk are victorious in their war against the Drow and form an alliance with the remaining dark elves, assimilating them. The Drome are created.

52 - The Mobb attacks the Platinum City. They are repelled by the new generation of Heroes under the command of the Legendary Knight Gladin and Prince Gwideon II who were present by complete chance, a fishing trip to the western shore.

68 - The first poet to use the title “Gerkos” appears and begins to spread the faith of the Cloaked Lady. His 3 verse stanza becomes the first new literature since the devastation.

73 - The Emperor vanishes. After he fails to reappear after 6 months the 5 Magi declare themselves the leaders of the empire. The empire is nearly plunged into civil war when Gwideon II refuses to acknowledge their rule and is imprisoned. He is rescued by Gerkos the Poet and the worshipers of the Cloaked Lady.

74 - Supported by Dorson Svarlock, Gladin of the Six, Gerkos, several Rentin children, and the will of the people Gwideon II reclaims Whiteport from the Mageocracy and is ordained as Emperor.

80 - The ranks of the underfolk swell significantly as they discover the ruins of an Illithid city destroyed during the underground earthquakes of the devistation. The enchanted city contains thousands of enchanted slaves in psionic stasis who are overjoyed to hear of the death of their cruel masters. Only the Duergar refuse to join the Underfolk instead retreating deeper into the underworld to heed a sinister calling.

81 - Dustin Dustin, of House Dustin finally dies. The man known affectionately as the Stubborn leaves his fortune to his Aasimar daughter Delila, rather than her older brothers. Her sharp political mind quickly vaults her to the political elite.

84 - Surrounded by his partner, children, grandchildren, and followers Luck Ren of the Six dies in his bed after his 101st birthday party. The Free Nations mourn the loss of half of the leadership. The empire mourns the loss of one of their hero’s.

92 - Knight Commander Gladin retires from active duty as he approaches the end of middle age. He refuses the grant of title and land, instead taking “The thing I earned with my own actions. A simple boat and a license to fish the waters.”

95 - Across the Plains of Lag to the north settlers complete the first city, Farplains, since the Devastation. Mobb attackers are defeated by Free Nations Mercenaries. The city is put into debt paying off their price, but tensions between Free Nations and Empire are put to rest when Lady Lutin appears to play peacemaker.

96 - Fox Rentin dies a mysterious death.

100 - 100 Years after the Devistation the Sea Bulls announce a great threat from the sea and combine forces with the Free Nations, Underfolk, and Empire to put down an invasion of Regenerating Aquatic Creatures. The survivors of the Day of Red Tide are lauded as hero’s across the continent. Aquarian of the Free Nations is among the dead as are the emperor‘s two eldest sons. Bill the Bullfish is rumored to have been mortally wounded. He is never seen by the masses again. The emperor sustains wounds during the battle but survives… for a time.

102 - Lady Lutin of the free people walks into the woods and is never seen again. The free People elect a new leader, one of the sole remaining Elves and name him Boss Tears.

103 - Emperor Gwideon II dies from the wounds he sustained at the battle of Red Tide. He is succeeded by his fourth child, and third son Gwideon III. Gladin the fisherman is seen side by side with an unknown man, the stranger vanishes shortly after the funeral and Gladin refuses to speak of it.

112 - A new religion, known as the Twin Serpents begins to spread in the empire. It promises enlightenment through carnal delights and freedom to do as one wishes. Without the influence of Lucky and Lutin many members of the Free Nations followers fall under its sway as do many politicians and nobleman.

115 - Gwideon III is attacked inside the palace by members of the Mobb. He survives but is crippled in his left leg, ending his career as a military man. The Church of the Cloaked Lady is contacted to serve as the hidden eyes and protectors of the Emperor. Over time this roll will expand to protecting the empire as a whole.

118 - The worship of Bahamut has gone a severe transformation in the last hundred years and the council of Clerics declare that their deity wishes to reveal a new aspect of himself to his mortal followers. All temples to Bahamut are rededicated to the “Platinum Lord”. The writings of Aquarian are revealed as part of the inspiration for this transformation.

122 - A Youngman calling himself Gerkos appears from the north and reveals the Twin Serpents as a religion dedicated to the Demon Prince Demogorgon. Gathering the holy orders of both The Cloaked Lady and the Platinum Lord he drives the high priest and his followers from the Palace and into the sea. Among the corrupted are high ranking members of House Dustin and Svarlock, including house Matriarch Siea Svarlock.

128 - Prince Gwideon IV declares his intent to take back the cities of Ember and Ladd, both far to the south. Gathering Imperial Armies he drives southward battling the Mobb and purifying towns and villages of the worship of the Serpent.

135 - Gwideon IV briefly retakes the city of Ember, but the city is lost and he is slain by the forces of The Headless Witch . The Witch, one of Demogorgon’s horrific followers, enacts a foul ritual and raises a tower of Fel Iron in the city of Ember. The empire fear’s invasion.

137 - Gwideon III dies, leaving the throne empty. His daughter Deafa ascends as Reagent for the Infant Gidia V, daughter of Gwideon IV. The Headless Witch is held back by the forces of the Underfolk lead by the mysterious Uncle Orfan and his Elite Drome Guard. The Witch and Orfan battle high atop the Fel Iron tower and she is slain again. Despite the lack of their Champion the Mobb retains control of Ember and the Underfolk are forced to abandon the city.

141 - Manrig Mountain is dedicated and completed, adorning Whiteport with the smiling visage of J.J. Manrig for all time.

150 - The 15 year old Gidia V gathers her armies and goes south to complete what her father has started. She is successful in retaking Ladd, Ember, and the City of Murkeye. The slaughter of every member of the Mobb within Murkeye causes the rivers it sits between to be renamed “Skull Bed River” for there were more skulls at its bottom than rocks. The Sisters of the Cloaked Lady purify the cities, while the priests of the Platinum Lord begin the process of rebuilding.

150-190 - These years are known as “The Reign of Gidia the Good” and were years of peace and success. The empire expanded, rebuilt and populated itself while under her rule. All the while they remained unaware that a horrible conspiracy was plotting to destroy everything that they had worked for.

182 - Gladin the Fisherman, last of the 6, dies peacefully while at his line. The empire falls into mourning for a week at news of his passing.

189 - Free Nations Mercanaries near Ember begin to disappear more and more often. The City of Ember sends emissaries to the emperor to request aid and the presence of Cloaked Sisters but the messengers never arrive.

190 Spring- A young man is found slain on the side of the road. In his bag is a book of poetry by the fabled poet-warrior Gerkos. His death is ruled a result of bandits despite the odd wounds he has suffered.

190 Summer- The Forces of the Two Headed Serpent attack from multiple directions. The Headless Witch returns with a fiendish Mobb army destroying everything in her wake and seiging the city of Ember. Simultaniously the Mobb stronghold of Xaber unleashes its horde of bandits and reavers onto the Plains of Lag and Old Forrest, destroying much of the northern food sources, farms, and livestock. To make matters worse the Horrors of Dagon return from the sea and siege Whiteport and Murkeye. Another disciple of Demogorgon, the Vile Burning One leads his force of Dark Magi to assault Elora, the Platinum City. Caught unaware the Empire seems ready to fall.

190 Winter- The empire sets into a long winter of seige as the demons, undead, and maddened cultists attempt to starve them out. Selfless acts by the Cloaked Sisters and Platinum Brothers allow the cities to survive the winter, but as a food less spring comes hope seems lost.

191 Spring- Matters grow even worse when Gidia the Good is assassinated by Tiefling Twisters, special assassins sent by Demogorgon. The Imperial Family is slaughtered with the exception of the bastard son of Gwideon VI, Daris the Bold. Daris is harried to the crypt of Princess Eliana where the Twisters prepare to finish him but are stopped by a creature composed of pure Platinum, the Legendary Swordsman Justice. Awakened from his slumber the presence of evil near the tomb he quickly defends the imperial bastard against the demonic assassins.

191 Summer- Having declared Daris the new Emperor, and himself Imperial Champion, Justice slays the Vile Burning One and his circle of Dark Magi. The platinum city, now able to deploy its garrison, quickly breaks the siege of Whiteport who in turn are able to access the forces of the Underfolk and Imperial Cavalry.

193 -The war continues as demonic reinforcements appear and fallen troops are raised as undead. The Horrors of Dagon have been put down once more, but the seige of the north has not ended, and troops stationed up there quickly find that the Mobb do not face the threats of hunger like they do, as the dead are scavenged for food and then animated as skeletal warriors. Daris I fights tirelessly to restore the morale of his people, traveling at great risk to himself to lift their spirits and grant them hope.

194 -Not willing to admit defeat, the demon prince repeats a tactic he had used once before and sends out his new breed of Demon, Evangil, to recruit new members of the Mobb. The Free Nations are magically converted to the side of Demogorgon, and the fighting is renewed. Among the onverted are the descendants of Lutin and Ren, many of whom are quickly promoted through the mobb and granted fel demonic powers to use against their onetime allies. Most notably Jorus Rentin, a famed Warlock falls to the power of darkness.

197 - After 3 years of heavy fighting the deciding battle of the war commences on the banks of the River Lutin. Demogorgon’s troops finally display the one weakness that Imperial Champion Justice had been pushing for the entire war, their insatiable bloodlust. Feigning defeat the imperial champion drew his forces back and springs his trap as the mobb leaves the safety of hard earth for the soft banks of the river. A year of work from the underfolk is revealed. Hundred of spellcasters and cultists are trapped underground as the earth suddenly shifts, collapses and is blown apart and the complete forces of the Underworld arise flanking the demonic forces. Battle mages hidden on platorms floating on the river unleash hell on the trapped forces. Having completed his pincer maneuver the champion then signaled to his own special group of Converters who began their work on the trapped Free Nations troops. The three armies, allies once again, turn on the forces of the two headed serpent and demolished his army.

198 - During the last days of the Serpent War the Forces of the Two Headed Serpent sends his servant, The Dark Prince of the Earth to corrupt the very ground around Underport sending it spiraling into darkness and cutting the underfolk off from the Empire. Orfan is caught in the cave in and presumed dead. It is the last organized Act of the Demonic army as forces under the command of Justice destroys the Headless Witch and drivers her remaining forces back across the mountains. Handing his sword to the Squire Primios, Justice breaks imperial doctrine and follows the Witch into the wastes to make certain that the threat to the empire would not rise again.

200 - The War of the Serpent finally over Daris I decides it is time to enter a new age of exploration, he commissions ships to go to the far east and west in order to find out what has happened to those continents in the last 200 years. Each ship is also attended by two Cloaked Sisters in case the worship of the Serpent has spread beyond the southeast. The ships report nothing to the west, but of seeing hostile forces to the east. Serpent worship is accused but no evidence backs up said accusations.

220 - The SeaBulls discover the Primordeal Island of Law and Chaos, claiming it for themselves. They build their unnamed headquarters on the ever moving island.

230 - The Underfolk begin their “Long Walk War” a 200 year war against the Duergar Kingdom and its Psionic Allies.

240 - Daris I dies, the throne passes to his son Daris II. Daris II is a political puppet for various noble families and churches. Despite his lack of power the empire flourishes during his reign as for the first time since the devastation the world has time for art, music, and leisure.

267 - Rumors of “The Hidden Angels” arise, the power behind the throne sends out agents to confirm the existence of celestial’s but find nothing conclusive.

283 - A great Dragon skeleton is discovered in the lands near Ladd, the first sighting of anything draconic since the devastation.

295 - Refusing to be a puppet like his father Daris III makes a deal with cultists of the serpent to destroy his would be puppet masters. The cultists in turn release a horrific plague throughout the empire, to which only the new emperor will be immune. The first to die to the plague is the Emperor Daris II, and Daris III ascends the throne in a time of panic.

299 - The Vultors are founded, the Empire enters an age of fear as Secret Police watch from the shadows.

300 - Kept eternally young due to his possession of the legendary sword of Justice, Squire Primios investigates the cause of the unending plague that is rampaging through the kingdom. He finds a Poet named Gerkos who informs him that the corruption begins at the heart and works its way through. Primios discovers that the emperor is the one who has caused the suffering of the empire, and is unable to act torn between duty and honor.

305 - Unable to continue serving a corrupt Emperor, Primios murder’s Daris III before abandoning his sword and throwing himself off the castle roof. The sword vanishes and with the death of the Emperor the Ten Year Plague Abates.

306 - His corruption having come to light the people are unwilling to allow Daris IV to ascend the throne and instead demand that the genealogy be searched for a replacement. Gwideon VII the great great grand nephew of Gwideon VI is crowned later that year despite the fact that he is only 6 years old.

316 - Educated by the Sisters of the Cloak and the Conflagurators Gwideon VII is the first of the Priest Emperor’s of the Empire, equally diligent in matters of faith and state.

322 - The Sol, visitors from the West arrive in the court of Gwideon VII and announce their wish to trade. The Sol Head Merchant is granted diplomatic powers, but begins the tradition of never taking part in politics.

330 - Daris IV attempts a coup but the plot is uncovered. Gwideon VII is merciful and pardons his cousin.

331 - Daris IV again attempts to overthrow his cousin, less than a year after his pardon. This time Gwideon VII is not merciful and Daris is executed. The Lady Mercadi Daris is granted control of the Vultor's, and transforms them into the Vulture Knights.

340 - A poet named Gerkos appears, and says nothing. Instead he merely smiles.

341 - Inspired by the Poet, Gideon VII puts up a price on artifacts and information on the world before the Devastation. A new age of history, genealogy, and research begins utilizing the careful records Gwideon I has put down centuries before.

350 - Adventurer’s prowl the continent looking through ruins and exploring the underbelly of cities for ancient tomes and tales. Several adventure into the southeast, past the Serpents Grave, and are never heard from again.

356 - An adventurer named Sivian appears before the Emperor carrying a several old enchanted artifacts, who’s abilities dwarf any of the common age. Her research led her to an old Dragon’s Horde, and while the Dragon was slain during the devastation his horde remained intact. Gwideon VII announces that it is time to drive the Mobb back once and for all and allows Sivian to carry the artifacts into battle against the last stronghold of the Mobb the dread city of Xaber.

358 -In the underworld The Knights of the Emerald Cave venture deep into the ruined capital and reclaim the phylactery of Orfan from the Dark Dwarves. They return it to their city which is renamed Orfan’s Rest after it is entombed. Those that sit on the throne of Orfans Rest claim to here the merry chuckling voice of an old gnome.

360 - Xaber is reclaimed and purified after a four year seige, the Sivian Arifacts having been helpful but not world ending. Inside of Xaber the empire finds several hundred more artifacts of incredible power, revealing that the Mobb has been treasure hunting for hundreds of years.

370 - During the research and use of the Xaber Treasures a catastrophe occurs and a large stockpile along with a fort is completely destroyed. In its place is a new hole into the underground. Within months contact is remade with the Underfolk. Imperial troops begin training in the Underworld in preparation for an assault on Underport and attempts to liberate it from the Fiendish Elementals that still inhabit the city. Free League Mercenaries join the Imperial armies for the first time since the Serpent War.

380 - Underport is liberated and reopened to the world above.

382 - Gideon VII dies of old age, a venerable sage and beloved ruler. He is succeeded by his Grand Daughter, the beautiful and young Gidia VIII.

400 - Gidia VIII celebrates the 400th year of civilization with a celebration for all citizens of the Empire. She begins the tradition of giving out a yearly tithe of 2 gold to all citizens to be donated or used as the citizens see fit.

410 - Gidia dispatches explorer’s to the country towards the east. When the explorer’s return years later they are corrupt and insane. Gidia declares the end of exploration to the east and names the land “Gra” a horrible syllable painted in blood found on the explorers ship. Requests to visit the lands of the Sol are repeatedly but politely denied.

425 - A horrific earthquake shatters a portion of the southwest destroying much of the terrain and creating a series of islands within the new bay. Before the Empire can rebuild the Sea Bulls annex the territory for themselves. Most troubling of all is now the city of Ember is cut off from reinforcements, stranded at the edge of a dessert and the mountains of the serpent.

430 - Gidia VIII dies of complications in childbirth. Her sister Dafia ascends the throne as Reagent, the second of that name to do so.

447 - Gladious I takes the throne, his aunt Dafia remains his primary advisor.

450 - The underfolk discoverer a new metal beneath the craters in the Serpents Grave Mountains, they attempt to mine this mysterious red metal but are unable to extract it from the earth.

468 - Gwideon IX, the Emperors son is born.

469 - The Emperor Gladious I dies in a hunting accident. Reagent Dafia announced as Empress Dafia I, Gwideon IX is one of many imperial heirs.

481 - Gwideon IX runs away to become an adventurer. The Menders are formed.

488- -Gwideon’s adventures are published by one of his traveling companions after they rescue the Princess Sophitia Xelesta. He quickly becomes the darling of the masses and is named Imperial Heir. He retires from adventuring and returns to Whiteport where he proves himself to be a shrewd and dangerous politician.

490 - Gideon IX ascends the throne after his Grandmother abdicates. He meets in secret with the Poet Gerkos who gives him the sword of Justice, attached to it is a grave warning. He also discovers the the source of the Mobb’s power in an ancient text theorized to be scriptures put forth by Demogorgon.

500- -The Manrig games are announced in honor of the 500th year of celebration. A new generation of hero’s rises. Gideon IX announces the reinstitution of the Emperor’s Champion. The games draw the attention of the Wychson, revealed to be Jorus Rentin. Ninev D’naseil, a drome bard, is declared emperor’s champion after complete the ritual of the Fall.

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