The Platinum Orders

The Platinum Order’s of Elora have existed since the city was reclaimed by the Lady Eliana’s great sacrifice. They are a refuge for the soldier, the knight, the common man, and the paladin. They are found in chapter houses, inn’s, mercenary tents, and bands of brothers. Not every citizen of Elora is a member of a platinum order… but they all know someone who is.

When thinking about the Orders remember that no two are exactly a like. A Soldier of the Lost Flock may be willing to do things that a Knight of the Storm’s Eye would never consider. Also keep in mind that not all members of one specific Order will be like their brothers. Souls of a kind will gravitate together, but after 500 years the Orders also represent familial traditions.

The Eight Orders

Eight Platinum Orders exist in Elora, and each one is as different as night from day. But they all share the same goal: The complete eradication of the Mobb and the Destruction of Demogorgon.

The Order of the Steel Falcon

- The Most Militant of the 8, the Order of the Steel Falcon are Mercenaries par excellence. Long before the Free Nations were selling their men and women as soldiers and adventurer’s, the men and women of the Steel Falcon wandered the young Empire bringing law and order. In those days payment was whatever one could afford; now prices are a bit steeper. However any combat in which the Mobb is expected draws the attention of the Falcons at heavily reduced prices. Despite their mercenary ways the Falcons are fanatically devoted to the Empire, Vulture Knights and Cloaked Sisters receive honored treatment and the Imperial Family walk among them as gods.
- The Order values strong teamwork skill over anything else. They are a military unit, and as such each member of the Order is trained in many ways of warfare… and any skill set can be seen as useful. Heroics, mysticism, and willpower are good… but if you leave your friends flank open your just as responsible for his death as the enemy.
- Stereotypical members of the Steel Falcon are military men. They speak in terms of orders and formations, address everyone by rank, and only relax when they are “On Leave”. When they relax they tell war stories, talk about fallen friends, and drink heavily for they might not see tomorrow. The Steel Falcon is one of the largest Order’s and is occasionally referred to as “The Second Imperial Army”, an unofficial title they take great pride in.
- Leader: Sir Blane Lightgrace – Marshall
- Heraldry: A Grey Falcon on a Black Background inside a circle composed of four arrows.
- Battle Cry: Death on swift wings!

The Brotherhood

- The Brotherhood is the only exclusively male Platinum Order. During the corruption of Elora the Monasteries were one of the few safe havens, the heavily trained and dedicated Monks were capable of holding off the mass attacks of maddened commoners and repelling demonic attackers as well. The only breach in their defenses came when they allowed a young woman sanctuary inside their chapel… and she revealed herself to be a succubus. With the redemption of the cities the newly formed “Brotherhood” of monks, emerged as one of the 8 Platinum Orders.
- Overtime the Brotherhood has transformed from being several monastic orders combined beneath a banner into a true amalgamation of styles, thoughts, and beliefs. However the one underlying truth for each of the Orders is Discipline. It takes Discipline to understand the teachings of the Order, an Discipline to reject the temptations of the physical world.
- Stereotypical members of the Brotherhood are borderline ascetics. They carry little, own little, and reject the temptations of the world. Although vows of celibacy are not required, many of the brothers have taken them. A majority of the Brother’s are Monks, though some are trained in other exotic arts.
- Leader: Master Po Yu- Elf Monk*
- Heraldry: A brown banner with a red hand print
- Battle Cry: KAI!
- Note: If you wanted to play a Samurai, Shugenja (I don’t know why), or Wu-Jen the Brotherhood is one of the few places in Otep to learn these mysterious arts.
*Po Yu is ancient, although he wont speak about it to outsiders he has been the Master of the Brotherhood since its foundation… marking him at over 600 years old at the least. His physical form remains unaged and he appears to be a Young Elf due to his mastery of his art.

Knights of the Storms Eye

- Peasants and nobleman, soldiers and wizards. The Knights of the Storms Eye are a seemingly random group of men and women who have put aside differences of class, race, and gender in pursuit of their ultimate goal: Liberty. The Knights of the Storms Eye have sworn to defeat Demogorgon and his forces because they represent the greatest threat to life and freedom that the world has ever seen. To accomplish their goal of defeating Demogorgon, Storm Eye Knights battle the Mobb wherever they can find it, on a cultural level as well as a military one. Every brave deed, every heroic story is a strike against Demogorgon and his minions.
- For a Knight of the Storms Eye (Stormers) discipline is all well and good, and military hierarchy is kind of a drag… but what matters most is courage. If the man you’ve spent the last 2 years with crumbles on the first assault and runs away, it doesn’t matter how well trained he is. Stormers are stupidly brave, daredevil adventurer’s, men and women who always take the longshot and view “Impossible” as just one more goal to overcome.
- Stereotypical Stormers are loud, brash, and always talking about the last great thing that they may have done. They make friends easily as their bombastic stories draw likeminded individuals to them with ease. They also make enemies quickly, their lack of forethought often causes problems with carefully laid plans made by more precise orders.
- Leader: Duke Dustin Dustin XII -Ranger/Factotum
- Heraldry: A swirling white gust of wind on a field of blue
- Battle Cry: Into the eye!

Knights of the Emerald Cave

- When Elora was liberated and redeemed many of the soldiers that took part in the great project returned to their homes. And for a number of them, their homes were now below ground. The Knights of the Emerald Cave were created as a sign of unity between the kingdom below the ground and the city they helped to save. Today the Knights of the Emerald Cave can be found in Elora and throughout the Underdark combating the forces of darkness.
- Knights of the Emerald Cave value Determination over all other things. When the Knights of the Emerald Cave set out a goal, they accomplish it. No amount of resources are too great, no price to high. When the Knights make an oath, the oath will be kept … and with the assistance of the Underfolk sometimes these oaths are kept past death. Although uncommon, undead Knights of the Emerald Cave are not as rare as one would think… and many have kept their personalities in tact through the power of the unfinished oaths.
- Stereotypical Knights of the Emerald Cave are plain spoken and honest. They say what they mean and use the rest of their time accomplishing their goals. They are not restricted to the Underworld, but most of them spend a majority of their time there combating the remnants of the Fiendish Earth Lord. Of all the orders they have the largest non-human contingent. Drome’s, Gnomes, Dwarves, and the rare Drow all call the order home.
- Leader: Sir Glorian Svarlock (Underfolk Knight)
- Heraldry: A hollow emerald on a black banner.
- Battle Cry: Your will be done!


- The men and women of the Hearthkeepers understand one truth and hold it closely to their chests. If the Empire defeats the Demons, if Demogorgon is thrown down, if the Mobb is finally destroyed… what was the point? If you have used the methods of your enemy, if you have summoned demons and used fel pacts, if you have sold away your lands, your lives and your souls… was it worth it? If one tyrant is replaced by another, if a new menace rises the most important thing is that the Empire remain a land of learning, freedom, and hope. And so the Hearthkeepers patrol the empire searching for those souls on the road to destruction, the ones who proclaim “Victory at any cost.”
- The Hearthkeepers value Morality above all else. Not blind obedience to good, not foolish honor, but instead an adherence to doing “the right thing”. It is their mission to make certain that the Empire remains something worth fighting for, a bastion of good and right… not a corrupted ruin whose only purpose is vengeance on an entity of unspeakable evil. So they seek out those on the dark and dangerous paths and attempt to convince them that there are ways besides the cruel methods they employ. Often times they are not successful, but each soul they redeem from evil is a victory, both moral and physical.
- Stereotypical Hearthkeepers are friendly and open, good listeners and one of the best friends you could hope for. Non-Judgmental Hearthkeepers are forgiving and kind… to a point. Most Hearthkeepers would rather talk than fight, but when confronting those that are unwilling to change their ways or have accepted evil as the solution the Hearthkeepers are implacable foes. Unsurprisingly many clerics of the Cloaked Lady join the Hearthkeepers, practicing what they preach.
- Leader: Father Lorn- Cleric
- Heraldry: A fire inside a golden arch, all placed on a red banner.
- Battle Cry: For hearth and home!


- If the Steel Falcon is the most militant, than the Conflagurators are the most Zealous of the orders. Born out of the few uncorrupted survivors of Elora, the men and women who would become Conflagurator’s waged a guerilla war against their neighbors for 5 years until the city was reclaimed from darkness. During the Siege of Elora it was the Conflagurators who helped the Imperial Army breach the city through their use of arson and demolition, arts that they had perfected in their attempts to purify their city. Today’s Conflagurators also believe in the purifying power of fire… but they have taken it a bit farther. The Conflagurators don’t just want to destroy Demogorgon, they want to destroy anything that has even been touched by his foul influence.
- The Conflagurators value Purity. Purity of mind, purity of deed, and purity of line. Only those who demonstrate the appropriate mindset and genealogy are applicable for membership in the Conflagurators. In order to be accepted as a member no direct family member can have ever fallen to the corrupting taint of the mob, and you must prove yourself to be a descendant of an original Conflagurator or an untainted survivor of Blackport. Those that pass their rigorous examination process are trained and inducted into the most exclusive Platinum Order in Otep.
- Stereotypical Conflagurators are proud, disdainful of others, and quick to bring up their lineage and nobility. Not many people like the Conflagurators… but when their assistance is offered it is almost never refused. Conflagurators are masters of siege warfare, battle magic, and guerilla tactics. Each of their members are elite unites, trained in techniques lost to the rest of the empire. Merciless in combat, Conflagurators are known to eliminate entire families in their zeal to get a cult leader, and entire towns in their attempts to destroy cults.
- Leader: Saint Uriol Lumiance- Warmage Saint
- Heraldry: A silver banner edged with white flame.
- Battle Cry: Burn with righteous fire!

Ruby Servants

- Mystics and Mages, The Ruby Servants are the most mystically inclined of all the Platinum Orders. The Ruby Servants were formed out of the remnants of a unit that liberated the Library of Elora. A horrifying demon had made the Library his home, and a full cult had already evolved around him…g ranting the cultists foul magical power. When the soldiers left the library the demon was dead, his cult destroyed, and his name forgotten. Since then those who have followed in those hero’s footsteps have sought to gather as much information they can on any topic imaginable. The private Library of the Ruby Servants is said to contain more “lost” information that the archives of the Imperial Library.
- Ruby Servants value Knowledge over all other things. They are determined to gather as much information on their opponents as they possibly can, because it was only through utilizing the knowledge deep inside the Library of Elora that the original Ruby Servants succeeded in defeating their demonic foe. Some Ruby Servants are librarians and researchers; others are spy’s and actors.
- Typical Ruby Servants are quite and introspective with intense knowledge on a variety of eldritch and obscure phenomena. They are versed in planar lore, magical theory, history, religious doctrine, multiple languages, and astrological phenomena. Some are inquisitive quick speakers, lacking in social skills desperate to absorb as much information as he can. Others are masterful orators, capable of gathering secrets from the most tight lipped minister.
- Leader: Master Librarian Moseuda- Archivist
- Heraldry: An open book on a red background
- Battle Cry: Biblios Dominus!

Soldiers of the Lost Flock

- Once known as “The Free League”, these men and women were corrupted during the time directly before the devastation. Their minds and souls were restored to them along with the rest of the citizens of Elora, but the guilt remained. The survivors who felt the need for atonement formed together and have worked for 500 years to make up for their treasonous corruption. Since then they have lost some of the strong-minded independence that made them such convenient targets… but kept all the stubbornness.
- Soldiers of the Lost Flock value Willpower. Not necessarily brute stubbornness or unswerving zeal, but the ability to hold your ground in the face of adversity, pain, and corruption and continue to stand for what you believe is right. They are good men and women, descended from other good men and women who weren’t strong enough to fight off evil. They have sworn to be stronger, better, and more vigilant than their ancestors.
- Stereotypical Soldiers of the Lost Flock are grim and taciturn “anti-hero’s”. They don’t speak much, are gruff and cold on the outside with a hidden pain or secret. The only time they let go of their cold exterior is among other members of their Order. Many have a strong interest in history, and a majority are well versed in planar lore.
- Leader: General Ezeka Rao – Fighter/Binder
- Heraldry: A Stylized Whale (See Complete Scoundrel: The Free League)
- Battle Cry: My brother, my Shepard!

Character Ideas

The Steel Falcon, despite being a military order, still need Arcanists, Scouts, Spy’s and Healers. As an “Unofficial” imperial army, they also get their fair share of men and women who wanted to serve the country but for some reason or another found it impossible to do so through official means.

The Brotherhood, despite being monastic, does not limit itself to only physical perfection. Mental and spiritual discipline are just as valued, more Psionic classes can be found in the brotherhood than any other organization in the empire.

Knights of the Storms Eye range across the board, the only quality they search for is courage. But courage can take on many shapes and sizes, the Halfling who throws a rock at a rampaging ogre and then leads it away only to escape is just as brave as the man who stands his ground.

Knights of the Emerald Cave are more exotic than many, but don’t let that limit you. The majority of the Order is still Humans, men and women who remember the debt they owe the people from the Underworld. Feel free to play a mix of exotic and normal when dealing with this order, no need to go completely one way or the other.

Hearthkeepers may seem limited to pacifists and paladins, but any person who makes the choice to stick to their guns is a valuable member of the Hearthkeepers. Its easy to make deals, barter, and compromise when the offer is right. The Hearthkeepers want to make sure the empire is something worth saving, and people of all temperaments can usually find something in that.

Conflagurators at first glance seem like fascist assholes. But remember that much as nobility is a title passed down from parent to child, membership in the Conflagurators is similarly inherited. Good men and women who don’t view everyone else as corrupt or inferior exist within the order, and just because one angry battle mage is willing to burn down a town to get to the possessing spirit doesn’t mean that he’ll get away with it.

Ruby Servants love to learn. But that doesn’t exclude melee classes from their order. Fighters that study ancient manuscripts, monks that study ancient philosophies, rangers looking at old exploratory journals, even barbarians with oral traditions exist within the order. If you like playing fighters or barbarians with an Int score higher than 10, this might be the organization your looking for.

Soldiers of the Lost Flock might strike you all as emo downers with an axe to grind. But not all members live in the past. Some of them are following in the steps of their parents, continuing to make their family name something to be proud of. Other’s have experienced a recent tragedy and are looking for allies wherever they can find them. Other’s are very stubborn individuals who don’t feel an affinity for the underworld and have joined up with the Lost Flock instead of the Knights of the Emerald Cave.

Difficulty of Joining the Orders

Entrance Difficulty- Hardest to Easiest
The Conflagurators- As mentioned, they only except those with the proper genealogy.
Ruby Servants- A written and Oral entrance exam is required to join the Ruby Servants, as well as a tithe of information or lost knowledge.
Knights of the Storms Eye- Daredevil initiation ceremonies stop most people from joining the Knights of the Azure Sky, surviving the initiation ceremony stops the rest.
Knights of the Emerald Cave- Joining the Knights of the Emerald Cave requires a letter of recommendation from a respected member of the Underkingdom. Earning one of these letters usually requires at least a year of living underground amongst them.
Order of the Steel Falcon- Recruiting offices for the Steel Falcon only require that you be in physically good shape to join up. Inability to follow orders can result in a quick dismissal.
Hearthkeepers- Anyone with proper temperament can join with the Hearthkeepers, including those without combat skills. A period of 6 months in various halfway homes and relief stations usually follows initiation.
Soldiers of the Lost Flock- The Soldiers allow anyone to join them, but secretly screen for demonic taint or corruption.
The Brotherhood- Any man* can choose to join one of the monasteries and become a member of the Brotherhood.
• Obviously it is much harder (i.e. Officially impossible) for a woman to join the Brotherhood.

New Feats

- Unlike Allegiance feats for other factions the Recruit/Initiate/Leader line is not a straight advancement. It is possible to build a character that can gain these feats one after another, but they are not designed to be taken one after the next. Some of these feats are only useful when you are with other members of your order, others work with anyone.
- Finally, not all members of an order will have all of these feats and position within an order is not dependant on having these feats. These feats are supposed to represent exclusive abilities of the order, not specific training.

Steel Falcon Recruit (Allegiance)
You are trained to help your brothers in combat, but not at the cost of your own offensive actions.
Requirements: Combat Reflexes
Benefits: When you are flanking with another Steel Falcon Recruit (or higher) you may use the Aid Another action as a move action, instead of a standard action.

Steel Falcon Initiate (Allegiance)
Enemies who attack your formation find themselves harder pressed than they expected.
Requirements: Steel Falcon Recruit, Vexing Flanker, Short Half, Shield Wall (Heroes of Battle)
Benefits: When you are adjacent to two other Steel Falcon Initiates (or higher) any target you threaten is considered to be flanked. This feat will not allow you to flank targets that can normally not be flanked.

Steel Falcon Leader (Allegiance)
When you work with your brothers there is no foe can avoid your attacks.
Requirements: Steel Falcon Recruit, Steel Falcon Initiate, Wolf Pack (Races of the Wild) or the class feature “Grant Move Action” and Hindering Opportunist.
Benefits: All Steel Falcons who use the Aid Another action within 200ft of you receive an additional +1 moral bonus to the action they are assisting. Additionally when you are flanking with another Steel Falcon you may deny the target the use of his “Uncanny Dodge” ability. The ability is suppressed as long as the target is flanked by you and another Steel Falcon.

Brotherhood Recruit (Allegiance)
You have started on the path of enlightenment.
Requirements: Improved Unarmed Strike
Benefits: Increase the DC of any effect channeled through your unarmed attack by 1.

Brotherhood Initiate (Allegiance)
Your body is a weapon, but in your hands a weapon is also a part of the body.
Requirements: Brotherhood Recruit, Versatile Unarmed Strike, Weapon Focus (any), Base Attack +3, Flurry of Blows or Decisive Strike ability.
Benefits: When using the weapon you have selected Weapon Focus with you may perform your Flurry of Blow’s or Decisive Strike ability with that weapon.

Brotherhood Leader (Allegiance)
Your mastery of body and mind has reached the point where you can learn powerful techniques unseen for hundreds of years.
Requirements: Brotherhood Recruit, Brotherhood Initiate, Psionic Fist
Benefits: For the purpose of qualifying feats that require “Improved Unarmed Strike” consider you base attack bonus 5 points higher. Additionally you may expend your Psychic Focus to increase the DC of any Unarmed Ability by 3.

Knight of the Storm’s Eye Recruit (Allegiance)
Your feats of daring energize you.
Requirements: Daredevil Athlete
Benefit: After you beat the DC of a skill by 5 or more you gain a +2 morale bonus to all saves for 1 minute. This bonus does not stack with itself or any other moral bonus.

Knight of the Storm’s Eye Initiate (Allegiance)
A little bit of luck, a little bit of skill, and a lot of brass let you pull off the same trick twice.
Requirements: Knight of the Storm’s Eye Recruit, Any Luck Feat, Cool Head or Free Runner or Sure Hands or Sweet Talker
Benefit: In any round you utilize a skill trick you may roll a d8, on the result of an 8 the skill trick is not considered used for this encounter.

Knight of the Storm’s Eye Leader (Allegiance)
Fear is just one more thing to be conquered, one more mountain to climb.
Requirements: Knight of the Storm’s Eye Recruit, Knight of the Storm’s Eye Initiate, Unnatural Will (Hero’s of Horror)
Benefit: Anytime you would be shaken you instead gain a +2 bonus on bonus on Attack Rolls, Saving Throws, Skill Checks, and Ability Checks. When the Shaken Condition would end you must make a Will save (DC 20) to avoid becoming fatigued for 10 minutes. Attempts to worsen fear effects on you (Shaken to Frightened, Frightened to Panicked) automatically fail.

Knight of the Emerald Cave Recruit (Allegiance)
You are comfortable in the dark places under the earth.
Requirements: Earth Sense (Races of Stone)
Benefit: You gain dark vision of 60ft. If you have dark vision your dark vision increases its range by 60ft.
Special: Alternatively you may choose to reduce your level of Light Blindness or Light Sensitivity. Light Blindness is reduced to Sensitivity, Sensitivity is reduced to no penalty.

Knight of the Emerald Cave Initiate (Allegiance)
You have learned to fight in small dark spaces, it takes a lot to cause you to loose your footing.
Requirements: Knight of the Emerald Cave Recruit, Blind Fight, Tunnel Fighting
Benefit: Due to your extensive training it is possible for you to charge across difficult terrain. To do this the difficult terrain must be natural in origin.

Knight of the Emerald Cave Leader (Allegiance)
You will not fail.
Requirements: Knight of the Emerald Cave Recruit, Knight of the Emerald Cave Initiate, Die Hard, Improved Toughness
Benefit: Once per day you may choose to automatically succeed on any roll. This roll is considered a success, not a natural 20.

Hearthkeeper Recruit (Allegiance)
Your mercy does not make you weak.
Requirements: Subduing Strike (Book of Exalted Deeds)
Benefit: When someone you have dealt Subdual damage to receives a healing spell they only half the amount of Subdual Damage that they normally would.

Hearthkeeper Initiate (Allegiance)
Your blows leave your opponent open to be grabbed and captured.
Requirements: Hearthkeeper Recruit, Improved Grapple, Close Quarters Fighting (Complete Warrior), Baste Attack + 4
Benefit: After you deal subdual damage you may choose to initiate a grapple as if you had the Improved Grab ability. You must still have a free hand in order to initiate a grapple.

Hearthkeeper Leader (Allegiance)
Helpless foes don’t have a chance.
Requirements: Hearthkeeper Recruit, Hearthekeeper Initiate, Death Blow (Complete Adventurer)
Benefit: Your opponent does not get to save against a Coup De Grace attack you make when the damage is subdual. Additionally you may Coup De Grace opponents that you are currently pinning in a grapple.

Conflagurator Recruit (Allegiance)
The Purity of your Soul burns those who have been corrupted by the touch of evil.
Requirements: Pure Soul (Heroes of Horror)
Benefit: When you deal damage to a target with a taint score or the evil subtype the strength of your purity burns them. You deal an additional 1d6 points of damage. Although it appears to be fire this damage is divine in nature and not subject to Energy resistance.

Conflagurator Initiate (Allegiance)
The physical manifestation of your wrath grants you protection from darkness.
Requirements: Conflagurator Recruit, Fire Devotion or Sun Devotion or Good Devotion, Ancestral Relic (Exalted Deeds)
Benefit: When under the effect of your Devotion Feat or while using your Ancestral Relic you are considered to be under the effect of a Protection from Evil spell.

Conflagurator Leader (Allegiance)
Your fiery wrath inspires others and terrifies your foes.
Requirements: Conflagurator Recruit, Conflagurator Leader, Imperious Command.
Benefit: When your devotion feat is active every time you successfully damage an opponent with a Taint Score or the Evil Subtype you may make an intimidate check against them as a free action. If this Intimidate check is successful any ally within 30ft gains the effects of your devotion feat. If they are already receiving the benefit of your Devotion feat (see Good Devotion) the bonus is doubled.

Ruby Servant Recruit (Allegiance)
You remember things you don’t even remember learning.
Requirements: Skill Focus: Knowledge (Any)
Benefit: When using your chosen Knowledge Skill out of combat you may choose to reroll the results before you know the outcome of the roll. You may use this ability once on each check.

Ruby Servant Initiate (Allegiance)
You know the weaknesses of your opponents better than they know it themselves.
Requirements: Ruby Servant Recruit, Knowledge or Magic Devotion, Open Minded
Benefit: If you successfully identify a creature you gain the following bonus’s. +2 on all caster level checks, including spell resistance, against the creature and a +2 Moral bonus to hit.

Ruby Servant Leader (Allegiance)
Your knowledge of magic allows you to limit those enemies who rely on it.
Requirements: Ruby Servant Recruit, Ruby Servant Initiate, Mage Slayer or Improved Counterspell,
Benefit: Once per encounter when you damage an opponent declare a spell or spell like ability. The target must make a Will save (DC 10+ ½ Character Level + Int Modifier) or be unable to use that spell or ability for the rest of the encounter. If you have successfully identified the spell (with spellcraft) or creature (with the appropriate knowledge) the save to resist this ability is (DC 10+ Character Level + Int Modifier) instead.

Lost Flock Recruit (Allegiance)
When you set your will your opponent makes no headway.
Requirements: Iron Will
Benefit: If you successfully make a will save against an attack that would normally have a lesser effect on a successful save (any Will partial spell) you instead negate the effect.

Lost Flock Initiate (Allegiance)
Opponents that think you an easy target physically or mentally are in for a surprise.
Requirements: Lost Flock Recruit, Steadfast Determination (PGII), Eyes in the Back of your Head (Complete Warrior)
Benefits: If you are flanked, opponents that miss you with melee attacks provoke an attack of opportunity.

Lost Flock Leader (Allegiance)
Once you know your enemy none of their tricks can dissuade you.
Requirements: Lost Flock Recruit, Lost Flock Initiate, Quick Recovery (Lords of Madness)
Benefit: If you successfully make a will save against a spell or spell like ability of an opponent with the Evil Subtype you are affected by the spell Mind Blank against that opponents abilities.

Honored by the Platinum Orders
Requirements: Membership in a Platinum Order.
Benefits: Due to your outstanding service to the empire, another Platinum Order has recognized you as a hero. You may acquire feats as if you were considered a member of that order.
Special: This feat can only be granted by the Dungeon Master after a character succeeds in performing a great deed or task on behalf of an Order that is not his own. It may not be taken during character creation. It is a bonus feat and does not count against the characters total number of feats.

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