Telemachus Trenarius

Telemachus Trenarii is an undead Gray Elf native to Epistorium, currently residing in Whiteport. He was born in the city of Bella Romana in -323 AD.

Vital Stats

Age: 823 years
Sex: Male
Race: Gray Elf (undead)
Profession: Wizard
Location: Whiteport, Mage's Quarter
Known Allegiances: Gwideo Empire


Life and Death

Telemachus Trenarius was born in Bella Romana, the capital of Epistorium at the end of a Golden Age largely facilitated by inter-continental trade courtesy of the Laxo Normo Trading Guild. Telemachus was the son of Betrarius Trenarius, a working class Abjurer, and was the eldest of three siblings, an only child for the first thirty years of his life. At the age 86, he was accepted into the Bella Romana University Arcanum, where he majored in Necromancy. Telemachus was smarter than most Gray Elves, but his intelligence was strictly average among the mages. He graduated at age 108, ranked in the top 45% of his class.

When he was 105, he met and began courting his classmate, Althea Pollonius. They were married in -206, when Telemachus was 117 and Althea was 109.

After his graduation, Telemachus became a junior member of the University's faculty, and became a full professor in -125. At age 321, he was offered a promotion to the title of Exarch to the Archmage of Necromancy, Ravanna Arrenius. The position would make him a member of the Archmage's cabinet, an advisor to one of the nine members of the Magisterium's ruling council. Part of the position was ascension to Lichdom. After a month of deliberation, Telemachus accepted the position. As was customary, Telemachus' Marriage to Althea was considered terminated. Their union produced no offspring.

Telemachus Trenarius died during the course of the Ritual of Crucimigration, held at midnight on March 14th, -2 AD. He rose again three hours later.



After his return from death, Telemachus held the position of Exarch of Necromancy for twenty-one months, making him the 27th most-powerful individual in the Magisterium. In this time, he is known to have befriended Adamantus Electus, the Exarch of Evocation, and to undergo not-entirely-friendly rivalry with Raminius Pollonius, the Exarch of Illusion.

Less than two years after his transformation into a Lich, Leviathan intruded on the world. After the Night of One Million Flames, Bella Romana was devastated and the whole of Corellium was rapidly descending into chaos. In an act of desperation, five members of the Council (representing the schools of Necromancy, Evocation, Conjuration, Enchantment, and Transmutation) and four of their Exarchs (all except Pollonius, the Exarch of Illusion) decided to teleport away from their burning city to Blackport, regrouping with their human allies, the Mages of the Arcane Order. At the last moment, Archmage Ravanna decided to stay behind and defend the city.

Arrival in Blackport found the city in only marginally better shape than Bella Romana. Realizing there was nowhere else to run, the nine elven magicians made their stand in Blackport. Unfortunately, this included the city's sojourn into the Plane of Shadow. By the time Leviathan had been defeated, only Telemachus and Adamantus were still functional.

The pair stayed in and around the city for the next two centuries, easily the most powerful magicians in the land, save Emperor Gwideon I. In 204 AD, Telemachus mounted an expedition to the ruins of Bella Romana via a Sea Bulls charter. Bringing with him the Dwarf Mjolnir Ironsson, Telemachus' party was attacked just after nightfall by the monstrous Gra. With half the party dead, the survivors fled, inadvertantly leaving Telemachus' phylactery behind. Within hours, it was smashed, leaving Telemachus a weakened husk of his former self.

The Rise of Ulysses

Upon returning to civilization (now named Whiteport), Telemachus found that his command of magic had begun to wane. Though he could occasionally conjure up great power, it became more and more difficult. Though Telemachus' power had waned, he found that his foes had not. It was a rare weak when some hideous creature spawned by either Leviathan or Demogorgon didn't command the wizards' attention. Telemachus' hatred of these creatures grew and grew, until his sanity was stretched to the breaking point. Telemachus had two choices: to no longer live in a world so dangerous and unpredictable, or to lose his mind. In a way, he chose the former. During this period, Adamantus noticed that Telemachus' demeanor changed noticeably in times of stress or danger, becoming altogether more calm and focused than Telemachus' normal tendencies. Adamantus had his suspicions, but what was really happening was the creation of a secondary personality calling itself Ulysses.

It was at this time that Telemachus began spelling his last name as Trenarii, a pluralization of his real last name. It was also during this point that Telemachus officially swore off Necromancy in favor of greater specialization in Evocation. Little did he realize that Ulysses had instead integrated his most powerful Necromantic abilities into Evocation spells.

Telemachus remained unaware of Ulysses presence, believing himself to slip into trances as a product of the loss of his phylactery. Ulysses seemed to be aware of Telemachus' existence, stepping forward only when the protection of their communal body was necessary.

Despite his concerns about his colleague's tenuous grasp on his sanity, Adamantus Electus created a new Arcane University in Whiteport with Telemachus on the staff. The first class was taught on November 11th, 323 AD.


In 422 AD, Adamantus Electus died at the age of 789, of natural causes. Stricken with grief, Telemachus went to teach his Summoning course the next morning. A student in the class attempted to summon an Owlbear, but was unable to control the creature—it mauled and nearly killed a serving girl before Telemachus was able to stop it. In a fit of rage, Telemachus blew the student to smithereens. Within hours, Telemachus had fled the city.

Telemachus took up residence in an abandoned tower in the countryside of the Free Nations that held an incomplete library belonging to its previous owner (the missing sections ravaged by time and burglars). He waited and studied there for almost eighty years.

Return to Whiteport

In 500 AD, Telemachus returned Whiteport in the hopes of partaking in anniversary ceremonies of the city he had helped preserve. Upon learning of the tournament, he enrolled immediately. Telemachus saw the tournament as a chance to practice his magic again after such a long interval. And as a chance to demonstrate that he was the most powerful arcanist in Otep.

During the events of the Tournament, Telemachus received a pardon for the murder he committed eight decades earlier. Unfortunately, demonic intervention saw Ulysses dragged to the surface, resulting in a number of ultimately unsuccessful attempts to provoke murders. During the final battle of the Arena, Telemachus regained control of his body and fought along side Lady Ninev against Jorris Renton—managing to provoke the ancient mage's wrath by successfully striking him with a Magic Missile, one of the few attacks to penetrate his defenses.


After the events of the Tournament, Telemachus became aware of Ulysses' existence. As a result, he deemed himself unfit to participate in the Crusades. To that end, he contacted the Order of the Cloaked Lady and had himself sequestered in a monastery to the north of Whiteport. After six months of treatment, attempts to call Ulysses to the foreground had been unsuccessful for a month. Telemachus declared himself cured and prepared to depart. Before he could, the Mother Superior asked him to examine an artifact that had been recovered recently. Telemachus determined it to be a functional staff of Teleport.

Current Status

Telemachus Trenarius is currently residing in Whiteport as a contract magician. His most notable activity as of late is putting out Want Ads, looking for adventurers to accompany him to the ruins of Bella Romana, with the mission of recovering magical equipment from the city.

Game Stats

Name: Telemachus Trenarii
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Race: Undead Grey Elf
Class: Wizard/Wild Mage Levels: 5/1
Attributes HP: 49 Speed 30
Str: 10 0 Base Atk: +2
Dex: 22 6 AC: 28
Con: -Na- -Na- Saves
Int: 16 3 Fort: 2
Wis: 8 -1 Ref: 8
Cha: 14 2 Will: 6
Practiced Spellcaster (Wizard) (Complete Adventurer), Magical Aptitude
Arcane Thesis (Magic Missile) (Player's Handbook 2), Sudden Maximize (Complete Arcane)
Scribe Scroll, Fell Drain (Libris Mortis)
Armor Class: 28 (6 DEX, 4 Shield (spell), 6 Armor (spell), 1 Natural (item), 1 Deflection (item)).
6 levels Wizard casting, Telemachus' caster level is 6+1d6. Telemachus is a Gray Elf with
the Necropolitan Template (Libris Mortis). Telemachus cannot cast spells from the schools of
Enchantment, Transmutation, or Necromancy.
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