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Noctus was the younger brother of Corellius Larethius, and was one of the five gods of Old Epistorium. Noctus was the god of Death, Magic, and Darkness, and was the patron deity of Illusionists and Necromancers. He is traditionally pictured as the fourth from the left, at his brother's side.



Noctus was Lawful evil and associated with the Domains of Death, Deathbound, Law, and Magic.


As Noctus' body of believers waned after The Devastation, Noctust became a vestige. An expedition to his ruined temple in Bella Romana has yielded the information to bind him.

Legend: Noctus was one of the Five Gods of Old Epistorium. Noctus (name literally translates to “Night”) was the younger brother of Carellius Larethius and was the god of Death, Darkness, and Magic. Noctus was the patron God of Necromancers and Illusionists. After the Devastation, the few followers Noctus had left were the undead members of what had formerly been the Ecclesiarchy. As his followers had changed, so did Noctus.
Special Requirement: Noctus can only be summoned in the darkness he rules. He will not answer your call unless the area is at least dark enough to create concealment.
Manifestation: Upon drawing Noctus’ sign, a hooded figure extends from the sign, towering nearly seven feet tall.
Sign: When you are bound to Noctus, your skin becomes pale and you sunburn very easily.
Influence: When influenced by Noctus, you are very uncomfortable in the light. You must avoid bright light, especially sunlight, if at all possible. In addition to this photophobia, you take on a very calm, calculating demeanor and are not easily upset by anything other than bright light.
Abilities: Noctus’ abilities relate to Death, Darkness, Necromancy, and Illusion, the concepts he patronized during his godhood.
Cloak of Noctus: You can see through darkness within 60 feet as if it weren’t there. This includes magical darkness. In addition, you can use Darkness as a spell-like ability with your caster level equal to your effective binder level. You may use this spell-like ability only if all Darkness effects created this way have been dissipated for 5 rounds or more.
Beguiling Influence: When you become bound to Noctus, choose two Sorceror/Wizard spells of up to ½ your effective binder level. You may cast either of these spells as a spell-like ability at will, providing that you have not cast either within the past five rounds. One of the spells chosen must be from the Necromancy school and the other must be from the Illusion school. Your caster level is equal to your effective binder level.
Tomb-Spawned Vitality: While bound to Noctus and within 100 feet of the corpse of a sentient creature, you are immune to fear and get a +2 bonus to Fortitude and Will saves. Animated Undead do not count as corpses for the purposes of this ability.
Breathe of Noctus: While bound to Noctus, you gain access to a breath weapon. Your breathe weapon deals cold damage in a 30 foot cone. It deals 1d6 damage per effective Binder level, reflex save for half damage. It can be used once every 5 rounds.

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