Mjolnir Ironsson

Mjolnir Ironsson is a Dwarf ranger native to Underport.

Vital Stats

Age: 443 years
Sex: Male
Race: Dwarf
Profession: Tracker
Location: Whiteport and surrounding territory
Known Allegiances: Gwideo Empire, Citizen; Sea Bulls, Sergeant (semi-retired)
Favorite Weapon: Greatbow


Early Life

Mjolnir Ironsson was born in Underport in 57 AD. During his adolescence, Drow raids were still common, and Mjolnir was trained from an early age to combat them. Unlike most dwarves, Mjolnir was overtaken with Wanderlust, and by his fiftieth birthday had set out from Underport and into the world above.


Sea Bulls

In his desire to see the world, Mjolnir served aboard the Morning Glory for seventeen years. After the Morning Glory was decommissioned, Mjolnir served on dozens of ships, never for more than two years at a time.

During his time with the Sea Bulls, Mjolnir was hired by the elvish Lich Telemachus Trenarius to mount an expedition to city of Bella Romana on the continent of Old Corellium. The expedition was disastrous, resulting in the deaths of nearly half the crew and the destruction of Telemachus' phylactery. The crew limped home and Telemachus was formally blacklisted by the Sea Bulls.

In 427 AD, Mjolnir retired from the Sea Bulls ranks, with the understanding that his service record had been exemplary, and he would be welcome to return at any time.

Game Stats

Lawful Neutral Dwarf Ranger 6
Other data classified until the end of "Journey to the Ruins of Epistorium."

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