Jorus Rentin

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Descended from the Orfaeus line of Rentins, Jorus was one of the rising heroes of the years before the Serpent War. Beloved by his family, respected within the empire, Jorus had mastered the power of Fey Pacts, and was one of the few people to have left the plane.

This trip off plane, to the magical land of the fey, would serve to be Jorus’s undoing. As one of the first members of his world to leave the plane in over 100 years he found himself suddenly surging with power, beholding wonders and marvels that could never exist on his world. His own energies quickly grew, and his time with the fey was cut short so that he could return through the wards.

Diminished, in his eyes, by his forced return to Otep Jorus became bitter. He knew that true power existed off this land, but it was literally impossible for him to escape. He began to adventure more and more, throwing himself into great battles and righteous causes in a desperate attempt to attract the attention of outsiders, celestials or gods. Something that would allow him to escape his home, a place he now felt was holding him back.

During the beginning of the Serpent War Jorus was a terror on the battlefield. His eldritch might had no equal on the imperial side and the demons feared his tireless deadly blasts. Members of the Mobb feared him more than their own commanders. Jorus, not only bitter, also grew proud of his accomplishments. Thus when the forces of the Mobb declared they wanted to meet and parlay Jorus accepted, feeling himself to be more than a match for any Demon. What he had never expected was the cruel beauty of the Wytch… and her new daughters. Jorus was corrupted alongside his mercenary forces and much of his family. Finally capable of letting loose his full destructive potential Jorus was even more fearsome destroying allies and enemies in blasts of fire and eldritch might that none could stand against. Emperor Daris I met him in combat, and through sheer luck managed to wound his opponent badly enough that Jorus retreated along with his maddened forces. Venturing beyond the mountains of the serpent, Jorus eventually found his way to the Obsidian Temple… and received his ultimate gift.

Undergoing the Damnation killed Jorus Rentin, but it brought about the birth of the Wytchson. Finally free of the constraints on his morality, free of the planar constraints on his power, Jorus has spent much time in the Abyss carving out a tiny piece of the realm of Abyssm for himself. Only recently (50 years or so) dispatched to Otep once more, Jorus has made plans to destroy his families reputation, and to do his masters bidding as best as possible… until he can leave this pitiful world again and return to his true home among the depths of the planes.

The Tournament at Whitport

During the Imperial Tournament the Wytchson put several plans into motion in his attempts to destroy the heroes rising to prominence. Making his home in the Floating Towers over Magehome, his torture of the Poet Gerkos was interrupted by a string of several adventurers. First a particularly loathsome Psion found his way to the tower but was driven off by the demonic guardians. Then a group of adventurers ascended the shadow stairs and rescued the Poet while he was away preparing for his final attack.

Jorus’s response was cruel and swift, he dispatched Tiefling Twisters to the Inn where everyone was celebrating. The twisters poisoned the food and wine with Spores of Demogorgon, fine sized demons that destroy the body and then animate it beneath their control, and then killed all the staff. The result was paranoid heroes… something the Wytchson took to his advantage next.

He placed his agent, the Evil Nymph known as Hungry Thorns, into the competition disguising her as a free spirited druid. Her duty was to seduce whatever heroes she could to the side of evil, foster unrest and dislike among those who she couldn’t get her charms around, and finally kill certain targets. Jorus, in his lust for blood and realizing that his cousin was competing in the tournament, dispatched her to remove Fennec, Ninev and Thanos. She failed and the result was an Imperial Inquest in which she was executed by the Emperor’s Secret.

Taking matters into his own hands, Jorus mentally assaulted a shapeshifter within the city, convincing him of a new identity as “Jorus Rentin” and forcing him to take on that form. He also gifted him with an enchanted sword bound with illusions and compulsions to make all who saw it believe it was the sword of Lucky Ren. When the fake Rentin appeared he was quickly seen as a hero… and when he declared his cousin Fennec to be an imposter, it caused great concern among the Cloaked Sisters and Vulture Knights.

All the while the hidden Spore Victims began to claim more lives, and Cultists began to infiltrate the city. Judge Bao, one of the competitors and also the only person capable of seeing through Jorus’s lies was arrested. The Wytchson attempted to infect both Jean-Marc and Bao with Spores during the imprisonment, but failed. Unable to do so and realizing that the clever judge would soon find a way out of his predicament Jorus assumed Bao’s form and murdered another Judge in public, igniting a mob aimed squarely at the jail house. The hero escaped during the confusion, but his reputation was damaged.

Jorus also dispatched Tiefling Twisters from the Cult of Dagon to deal with any adventurers they could during the single fights.

After sewing enough confusion with the changeling, Jorus murdered him in the presence of Thanos the Werebear King. Thanos attempted to defeat the Wytchson but could not pierce his magical protections… and was instead tortured by enchantments and compulsions. Thanos managed to fight most of them off but the sealing spell placed on his mind made it impossible to reveal the details of his assault.

During the grand melee, having put all his pawns into place, Jorus attacked when everyone was weakest. His cultists swarmed the arena and spore victims began to assault everyone around them. His assassins attempted to kill the Emperor but Jean-Marc stepped in the way, dying for his lord. The Emperor and the Wytchson battled high atop the Coral Spire meeting each other with blade and spell for nearly a minute while the heroes dealt with the cult and their summoned Demon.

Jorus was at the cusp of victory, all the heroes who had been a threat lay broken and weakened by his powers… but the sudden arrival of Justice the Legendary Swordsman forced him to retreat. He swore vengeance and has since retired to his tower beyond the Serpent Mountains planning his next cruel conspiracy.

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