J J Manrig

J.J. Manrig was a dwarf inventor. Scratch that. He was the dwarf inventor.

J.J. Manrig was the greatest inventor that ever graced the world that would be known as Otep. His unparalleled genius, his spirit of adventure, and his indescribable charisma have made him into a legend that reaches far beyond the length of his long and prosperous life. His name is synonamous with brilliance and unconventional thoughts, and in the modern age it is impossible to surpass his knowledge of the planes, geography, arcana, or spellcraft.

J.J. Manrig understood the fundamental workings of magic in a way that no wizard or sorcerer has ever been capable of. Rather than forcing his will upon the universe and hoping for the best result or learning formulas that altered existance, J.J. physically shaped the essence of magic into devices he designed himself; resulting in unparalled and specific results.

The Life of J.J. Manrig

Little is known about the early life of J.J. Manrig. At a certain point he ran afoul of the Cult of Demogorgon and swore that he would not rest until he had helped stop the threat they presented to the Prime. Among learned scholars J.J. was also one of the only to recognize the "Myth" of the Leviathan as true, and the only one to proceed to use his vast skills and knowledges in an attempt to stop its awakening. In the course of his attempts to stop the Leviathan he aided the Six Saviors in their quest to save the world. He died a day after the Devistation, peacefully in his sleep, having poured his last bit of life into the inventions he hoped would save the world.

The Manrig Vehicles

The Manrig I
- J.J. Manrig's personal Yacht was a pleasure cruiser, alchemist lab, and floating research station. The Manrig I was used to help recover the Six Saviors during their adventure to the Primordial Isle, it also served as the Exploratory vessle that gathered a majority of the Geographical Mapping of the Leviathan.

The Manrig I remains the greatest treasure of the Imperial Navy.

The Manrig II

The Manrig III
- The Manrig III was a submersable vehicle, specifically designed to travel deep underwater and extract information about the chaotic nature of the Leviathan. To do this it was equiped with powerful transmutive magics that allowed the arrow shaped vehicle to suddenly transmogrify itself into Adamantine. The excess weight and careful balancing system quickly caused the ship to race to the ocean floor while being capable of surviving the intense ocean pressure and protecting those inside. To allow breathing the Manrig III was equiped with the severed heads of several "Drowned" foul Undead that normally cause their victim's lungs to fill with water. J.J. had used Positive Energy transistors to cause them to produce oxygen capable of sustaining his crew indefinitly.

The Manrig III was caught in a chaos storm at the bottom of the ocean. The Drowned returned to their previous state, quickly growing and mutating in size and killed the Crew. J.J. refused to leave his ship but was dragged out by Gladdin the Fisherman to where the rest of the Six had gathered their Lifering, specially designed wooden rings that fought off ocean pressure and allowed breath as they rose to the surface at extreme speeds.

On their way to the surface J.J. spotted a Leviathan Aspect coming swiftly at the Lifering that supported Gwideon, Gladin and Himself. Rather than let the beast attack them while they attempted to hold on he let go of the swiftly rising ring and fought the beast underwater… the result of this conflict appeared to end in his death.

But minutes later, after the six saviors had successfully destroyed the beast J.J. surfaced in his portable Aparatus of Kwalash. He then toed the survivors home along with the body of the aspect, which he carefuly disected.

The Manrig III was deemed a gigantic success, its vital data was recorded and assisted in the creation of the Manrig IV. It remains at the bottom of the Oceanic Trench near Whiteport.

The Manrig IV

The greatest invention of J.J. Manrig, the Manrig IV was a bit of primordial law attuned to the Ley Lines of the prime material plane. The Manrig IV was the only device capable of returning the Leviathan to sleep, besides the foul and corrupting Abyssal Shard. Sattarah Otep, known as Cloak, carried the Manrig IV into the heart of the Leviathan succeeding in saving the world.

The Manrig IV appeared to be a small silver sphere, warm to the touch with twin fins. When activated the fins flipped outwards revealing themselves to be handlebar mustaches on an orb that resembled a dwarven face.

The Manrig V

The Manrig V was an arial battle ship equiped with steam powered harpoon cannons. It was used during the battle of Blackport against the Balor known as "The Raper of Souls". Its vital distraction allowed Lucky Ren to make his final desperate attack and allowed the swordsman known as Justice to escape the creatures fiery whip and then help his mistress Elaina summon a Planetar.

The Manrig V was destroyed by the frenzied Mobb soon after its first use, it was not completed… an item noted when it crashed into the slums during its initial assault.

The "Lost Inventions"

-Rumors exist of sentient constructs and excercise manuals capable of boosting body, mind and soul.

- Among his "lost inventions" the greatest is the Ley Line Mapper. A gigantic updated map of the world that functioned using grey ion stones and their mystical rythems. It, along with the rest of J.J. Manrigs laboratory, was seized by the Mageocracy during their tenure. The resulting automatic defenses scattered his genius to the four winds in a blast of fire, teleportation magic, and necromatic monstrosities.

Manrig Mountain

Manrig Mountain can be found in Whiteport. The Mountain face has been carved to resemble the Dwarf Inventor, and his smiling face can be seen at all times.

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