Important People Of Otep

The Six Saviors

Gwideon (NG Human Evoker/Mage of the Arcane Order/Storm Caster/Fatespinner)* Deceased
- Gwideon was a wizard who refused to use “Fake” power, namely that of illusion or enchantment. Very smart, though not always clever, he was adept at having just the right spell at just the right time. As the first emperor he reestablished civilization, mostly by stepping aside and letting minds more adept at small problems deal with minutia while he dealt with major issues. His disappearance has never been solved.

Lutin (CN Human Bard/Druid/Forest Reeve/Divine Oracle/Foluchian Lyricist) * Deceased
- Lady Lutin was a powerful druid, bard, and trickster. Impossibly stubborn and iron willed it was her sheer stubborn refusal to give up on the people in the wild the formed the free nations. Adored by her many descendants, a beloved folk legend and a wistful tale by the fire the legacy of Lutin has lived on long after she vanished into the forest.

Lucky Ren (CN Human Fighter/Barbarian/Ranger/Rogue/Fortunes Friend) * Deceased
- Lucky Ren was a swordsman, who wouldn’t admit it, but was actually rather skilled. His luck was stupendous, he lived far longer than a man of his lifestyle should have, fathered many children, and died happy. His example has inspired many young adventurer’s to go out and try their hands at the most dangerous craft. It was also his stupendous luck that located the families that would one day become the free nations.

Cloak (LG Half Orc Monk/Ninja)
- The Half Orc Settarah leapt into the heart of the Leviathian holding an orb of pure law in her hand and her sacrifice saved the world. She is now worshipped as a goddess and the Empire’s order of inquisitors, exorcists, and lawbringers often claim to have received a calling from her before setting out on their path (see Cloaked Sisters).

Gladin (LG Dwarf Fighter/Knight) * Deceased
- Gladin the Fisherman was a humble dwarf, who somehow became the best friend of two emperor’s. It was his influence on Gwideon II that caused the young man to become the hero he eventually became, and to this day Gladin is used as the example of the great teacher, the heroic ideal, and the retired warrior. The common people love stories about him ranging from his single handed slaying of sea serpents, his tutoring of a young emperor, and even his peaceful final days.

Elaina (LG Human Cleric/Swiftwing/Thaumatergist) * Deceased
- Elaina the Platinum Lady sacrificed herself to redeem the Platinum City, know known as Elora. In life she was hot tempered and zealous, but compassionate and quick to offer a helping hand or prayer. She was beautiful and noble and those she cared about were blessed for it.

The Imperial Family

Gwideon IX (NG Human Duskblade)
- The Emperor. Beloved by his subjects, he is known as the Azure Knight and the Mender of Ways. His adventure’s as a young man were published and spread by his friend Warren Wayne. He is humble, forthright, and honorable but his first goal is the empire, his family, and his friends. Gwideon’s greatest fault is that he expects everyone to be willing to make the same sacrifice he is willing to, and his greatest strength is that after meeting him many are willing to do so.

Emperess Sophita Xelesta (CG Half Celestial Human Warlock/Aristocrat)
- Sophita Xelesta is one of the few women born in her generation to possess enough celestial blood that it has manifested fully. From a minor noble house she was a cause for celebration and was to be made into a useful political tool until her abduction by a Serpent Cult of the Headless Witch. Luckily for her the Menders were nearby and rescued her before she could be sacrificed. Her relationship with Gwideon was advertised as love at first sight, the truth is much more complicated.

Princess Gwidia (CG Human* Rogue/Sorcerer/Bard)
- Gwidia is the only child of the imperial line currently. Her father dotes on her, mostly because he sees much of himself in her. That having been said her recent actions during the Championship have put a wedge between her and her father, a break she his desperate to fix. Known for her love of disguises, especially that of precocious young lads, Gwidia is currently studying with her Father’s new champion.

Imperial Heroes

Gerkos the Poet (LG Human(?) Saint Bard/Paladin)
- The only son of Eliana and the Platinum Lord, Gerkos is a mystery to all who meet him. In the last 500 years he has not aged past 18, and no description of him has ever matched…except for his silver eyes which are kind and forgiving. Known for his gift of Prophecy as well as his famous stanza’s, Gerkos appears at the time when the Empire needs him most… usually to serve as a messenger with great warnings. He is a terrifying combatant driving all around him to greater heights of heroism while simultaneously dancing and destroying his foes with a two handed pick.

Jean Marc Daris (LE Human Knight) *Deceased
-Jean Marc Daris was the Emperor’s Secret and the second in command to the city guard. He undertook tasks that nobody else could or would do, taking unforgivable actions in the name of his empire. His greatest fear was that he would one day betray the empire like his ancestor. He sacrificed himself to save the emperor during the Tournament after helping to uncover a grand conspiracy of demonic corruption and setting others on its trail.

Duke Dustin Dustin XII (CG Human Ranger/Human Paragon) *Deceased*
- Duke Dustin Dustin is the heir to the Dustin Family and Leader of the Knights of the Storm’s Eye, he is also a famed demon slayer, knight, and party animal. He won great acclaim due to his duels in the arena’s, his actions during the demonic assault and the now familiar faces of his twin bodyguards. Known for wielding multiple wands instead of weapons he is always accompanied by Sven and Ven. Duke Dustin Dustin XII fell at the Battle of Obsidian Pit, when he sacrificed himself to give his companions time to escape.

The Menders

- The Menders are a famous adventuring group who’s adventures were brought to light in the stories of Warren Wayne. The Azure Knight was the 5th member of their party, as was Sophita Xelesta for a time.

The Black Swan (CG Human Ranger/Swanmay) *Deceased*
- Jean Marie Daris was an expert tracker and one of the Emperor’s friends as a child. Those that know them know that there was always more to this “Friendship” but have kept quite on the nature of their relationship. When Gwideon was forced to assume the throne Jean Marie refused to return with him or to take any post within the empire. Instead she retreated to the southern forests around Ladd and became the Bandit known as the Black Swan. She quarreled with her Brother and the ensuing fight cost both of them an eye, but ultimately he was unable to arrest her. She has only recently returned to White Port upon hearing of his death. The Black Swan was killed during the Battle of Obsidian Pit.

Warren Wayne (NG Aasimar Bard) * Deceased
- Warren Wayne became well known when he returned with Gwideon to the capital and revealed that the folk hero known as the Azure Knight was also the lost imperial Heir. His book and memoirs on their adventures together made him an instant celebrity in the empire, while his good looks, sharp wit and imperial connections made him a powerful ally in court. His shocking murder at the hands of one of his many mistresses was a tragic scandal, and the rage of Gwideon IX at the death of one of his best friends and the resulting punishment is still spoken of in quite tones.

Father Sho (LG Half Elf Cleric of the Platinum Lord) *Deceased
- Sho is the patriarch of the church of the Platinum Lord, a position that was granted to him by the previous Patriarch when he returned from his adventures with the Emperor. This position has forced him far from his friends as the primary church of the Platinum Lord is in Elora. Sho prefers to eschew titles and grandeur and prefers to be called “Father” as he was during his many adventures. Sho is a pacifist and while he has taken the lives of others it is always when there remains no other options. Sho points to the fact that if the sacrifice of one can redeem many that it is never too late to try and save the one. Sho died destroying the Hewer of Fate alongside the Conflagurators.

Magistus Kri-Ala (LN Dark Elf Transmuter) * Deceased
- Kri-Ala is the current master of magic in the city of Orphans Rest. On top of that she is also the unofficial reagent of the Underfolk, all positions that she earned due to her own skill. The Young Dark Elf was a quite, perceptive, and eccentric study who’s determination to pursue her studies at all costs quickly put her at odds with much of society. On the brink of self destruction it was the kindness of the Emperor and Sho who brought her back from the dark and into the light. Now tempered by the danger she knows that lies within herself Kri-Ala is better teacher, wizard, and leader. Kri-Ala sacrificed herself to create an impenetrable wall of fire that covered the Heroes who descended into the Obsidian Pitt.

The Mobb

Foul villains and corrupt creatures of evil, these four are the lieutenants of the Two Headed Serpent, leading his forces on this plane. Information about their relations is unknown to any outside the mob.

The Vile Burning One
- The Vile Burning One was slain by Justice during the Serpent War, but as an undead servant of a demon prince this doesn’t mean that the creature does not still exist. In its previous incarnation it was a horrific burning corpse that inflicted diseases and vile damage to everyone around it. It was capable of destroying vast swathes of land at a whim, could burn a man from within, and could take on the form of dead animals.

The Headless Witch * Deceased
- The Headless Witch is a master of deception, corruption, and enchantment. She is the mother of the Evangeli and was personally responsible for corrupting Jorus Renton. She was slain by Justice during the Serpent War (again), but her corpse was brought back to the jungles of Demogorgon and it is theorized that whatever horrific powers grant her life has returned her once again. Slain by Ninev D'Naseil with her own Knife.

The Wytchson
- The Wytchson is actually Jorus Renton. Jorus was a heroic mercenary warlock in the Free Nations during the Great Serpent War. Already known for the power of his fey blood he was an easy target for the Evangeli and the Witch who turned him to darkness and brought him back to the Jungles of Demogorgon where he feasted upon Demonic Ichor. The resulting transformation has made Jorus Renton into one of the most powerful and feared creatures in the world, a powerful demon who is completely undetectable as a servant of evil.

Drowning Simon
- Drowning Simon is the name of the last of Dagon’s Disciples on this plane. Simon was a sailor from the city of Ashen Port, one of the only to escape the purge of the town. His worship of Dagon and dark rituals nearly destroyed the fledgling Sea Bulls until Bill the Bullfish annihilated him. The creature has returned many times since, more monstrous in each incarnation.

The Sea Bulls

Admiral Bronze (N Hobgoblin Fighter/Rogue/Dread Pirate)
- Admiral Bronze is the most powerful of the pirate captains within the Sea Bull’s and is thus the Admiral and official leader of the group. He has dedicated his life to destroying the Sol and is well versed in the methods of stopping their corruptive influences and releasing others from their bargains. A victim of one such bargain himself Bronze is aware that his lifespan has been cut drastically short and looks to make a difference in the short term, leaving long standing projects to his second in command Vlad.

- One of the rare Dark Elves unaffiliated with the Underfolk, Vlad was born on the sea and considers it his home. Possessing incredible knowledge about the methods of Sol Bargaining Vlad is the only mortal alive to have personally killed one of the merchants. The creatures head hangs preserved on his belt granting him some of his strange mystical abilities. Recently he took Thanos, King of the Werebears, to be purified on the Primordial Isle. The results are unknown.

The Sol

Prince Kali-Ama
- Prince Kali-Ama is the Sol Ambassador Merchant to the city of Whiteport. He is an austere and darkly beautiful man who is known to make things happen for his friends. Recently his diplomatic privileges were stripped by the Emperor but this seems to disturb him not at all as he continues his business dealings in the Imperial District. The hostility of the Emperor’s Champion towards Kali is well known but doesn’t stop many from seeking trade with him.

The Underfolk

Uncle Orfan (Gnome Lich Dread Necromancer)
- Uncle Orfan’s phylactery was lost during the battle that took him from his people for over two hundred years, and in that time they have learned to live without his constant guidance and eccentric humor. That doesn’t mean they aren’t happy to have him back, but 200 years buried …dead… and unable to move has put even more of a crack on the unstable Gnome Necromancer.

Champion Ninev D'naseil (Drome Bard/Duskblade CG)
- The New Imperial Champion, Ninev has a hefty job in front of her. Fortunately she has fast allies throughout the empire and relatively few enemies in the shadows. Clever and dangerous Ninev is currently looking for an advisor that she can trust, attempting to keep her cloying family from running her life, and looking for a cure for the shadowy nightmares that sing to her at night.

Trab D'naseil (Drome Warlock CN) * Deceased
- Trab is Ninev's little brother and Orfans representative in the Crusades. He's snarky and selfish, but has strong ties of loyalty to his 'Family'. Used his poisonous blood to destroy the Carnage Demon hive mind, allowing the army of the Empire to survive against impossible odds.

Leaders of the Platinum Orders

Sir Blane Lightgrace (LG Human Marshal) *Deceased
- Leader of the Order of the Steel Falcon, Blane has successfully lead over 20 attacks against the forces of the Mobb. He has a reputation as a mercenary prince, fair and honest in his dealings unwilling to disobey any contract that he willingly enters. His forces are fanatically loyal to him. Unlike most of the other Platinum Order leaders Blane spends little time in Elora, choosing instead to spend a majority of his time in Ember organizing the defense against the Mobb. Died in the Battle of Serpents Pass.

Po Yu (LN Elf Monk/Fist of Zoulkoun)
- Ancient beyond reckoning, Po Yu lived through the devastation and the destruction of the previous world. His monastic training and mental abilities have kept him appearing young and he remains one of the most dangerous combatants in the world. He has not left his Monestary in over 100 years, spending all his time training the next generation of Brotherhood Monks.

Sir Glorian Svarlock (NG Human Ghost Knight)
- Glorian Svarlock rescued the Phylactery of Orfan over 100 years ago from the forces of the Fiendish Prince of the Earth. The process of doing so cut his life short and he swore not to die until his mission was accomplished, the destruction of a particularly foul Underworld beast known only as “The Ripper”. Glorian has not stopped in his quest and his spirit leads both the living and dead troops of the Emerald Cave against the chaos tainted aberrations that threaten his adopted homeland.

Father Lorn (LG Halfling Cleric of The Cloaked Lady)
- Father Lorn is a musician, sculpture, artisan, priest, poet, author and spiritual leader. Very old for a Halfling, Lorn has embodied the spirit of his order almost perfectly. The rest of the Hearthkeepers look at Lorn as an example and paragon, a proud member of the empire who gets up everyday and makes something beautiful for the next generation. No longer young enough to adventure, Lorn spends much of his time at halfway homes, inn’s, and galleries inspiring the citizens of the empire to greatness.

Saint Uriol Lumiance (Aasimar Saint Warmage) *Deceased
- Uriol Lumiance has led the order of Conflagurators for over 300 years since his spontaneous ascension during the War of the Serpent. One of many Platinum Knights who went forth to do battle with the forces of Demigorgon, Uriol sacrificed his own life to allow the Emperor Daris to escape the Headless Witch. Instead of dying he found himself transformed and quickly rose through the ranks of his order. Uriol is a hard man, hard on his enemies and hard on his friends and subordinates. But he does it out of the firm belief that the Empire must remain a shining beacon of purity in a world fallen to evil. Died destroying the Hewer of Fate.

Master Librarian Mosseuda (N Gnome Archivist)
- Mosseuda is a fairly young leader in the Platinum Order. His discoveries on the nature of the Demonic Parasite known as “The Spore” have led him to the forefront in Demonic Research. Shy and studious, Mosseuda is known to get eerily excited at the prospect of Demons, his cold disposition vanishing in his excitement to try out his theories. One of the master Historians of the Empire, Mosseuda is currently chronicling the Crusade against the Mobb from the frontlines while utilizing his knowledge and magic to clinically dispatch attacking fiends.

General Ezeka Rao ( NE Human Fighter/Binder) * Deceased
- Ezeka Rao lost his entire world to the Mobb and when he learned of a way to strike back at the forces of evil he accepted the offer without considering the consequences. Now he is one of the most powerful single combatants in the world, known for his brutal warhammer and fiery breath. His singular passion to destroy the Mobb at all costs has lead him to a leadership among the Lost Flock, and his soldiers know that he would lay down each of their lives in order to achieve his goal.

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