Gra is a continent to the East of Otep whose civilization was wiped out during The Devastation. Gra is the native land of the Elves and Ogres and the current home of the Gra. Elvish refugees, long-lived individuals, and pre-Devastation maps list its name as Corellium.

Current State

Very little is known of Gra in its current state. Sporadic expeditions have been conducted into the continent, but have discovered no signs of civilization. Ruins of the Epistorian and Kagamarese civilizations have been found, but the dominant species of the continent seems to be a race of feral, elf-life people. Adventurers have only heard them scream the syllable "Gra!" which seems to be a war cry (and has been since applied as a name to both the race and the continent). The Gra are known to be vicious and bloodthirsty, with anecdotal evidence suggesting they worship a pantheon of chaos gods.

Aside from ruined pre-Devastation cities, Gra does not appear to have any sort of social or political organizations.


A large political entity that represented the largest part of Old Corellium, Epistorium ceased to exist as a political entity during the Devastation as most agricultural areas were annihilated by the Diamond Hail on what became known as the Night of One Million Flames. Refugees have claimed that urban areas survived for as long as six months following the Night of One Million Flames, but were eventually torn apart from within by Leviathan's corrupting influence, much as several cities of Otep destroyed themselves.

Epistorium's political power was largely balanced between three organizations: the Arcane/Military entity called Magisterium, the central organized religion called the Ecclesiarchy, and continent-wide trading network called the Laxo Normo. The Magisterium's central Arcane University and the Ecclesiarchy's central temple, the Castellum Incorruptus, were both situated in the southwestern port city of Bella Romana, making that city Episterium's de facto capital. The Laxo Normo was headquartered in the northern city of Palladia.

Epistorium had some interaction with the cultures of Otep. The Magisterium is known to have a working relationship with the human Mages of the Arcane Order, while the Laxo Normo conducted trade with nearly every civilization in the world. The Ecclesiarchy was an inherently isolationist organization, viewing non-elves as inferior beings.

Epistorium is the ancestral homelands of most Elven subspecies, the exception being Gold Elves (also known as High Elves) and Dark Elves (also known as Drow), though many Gold and Dark Elves had migrated to Epistorium by the time of the Devastation.

For more information, see Epistorium.


A medium-sized country in the eastern portion of Old Corellium, Kagamaro was a strict, caste-based society. Though Kagamaro conducted trade with and occasionally waged war with its Epistorian neighbors, Kagamaro was strongly isolationist. Little of its social structure is known at this point.

Laxo Normo documents indicate that Kagamaro is the homeland of Gold Elves and Dark Elves.

It is believed that the Drow population of Otep arrived in a mass migration facilitated by the Laxo Normo as early as -2400 AD. Records indicate that the Dark Elves were considered a slave caste in Kagamaro.


Commonly referred to as the "Ogre Lands," Kimbuk-Tor is the proper name of a long series of tribelands populated by Ogres. There was little social organization, with Arcane magic and technology of any kind virtually nonexistent. It is believed that before its demise during the Devastation, the Ogres had not mastered the ability to forge iron into steel.

Though geographically the largest segment of Old Corellium, Kimbuk-Tor lacked the organization to be considered a true country.

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