Demogorgon the dual-minded master of the Abyss has set his sights on the material plane, slowly encircling his coils around it as he strangles the life from this world. His power is great, his ambitions unlimited, but he has been foiled before… and may yet be again. But should he succeed in his goals all the Multi-Verse will tremble before the twin roars of a new born god.


Demogorgon’s original goal was to ensnare the soul of the surface world and then destroy every thing that lived above the waves. Meanwhile his aquatic priest’s and allies among the cult of Dagon would conquer the world below. With the power of all these souls and the essence of pure destructive chaos at his command Demogorgon would finally eliminate his rivals in the multi-verse, destroying not only Heaven and Hell but the other Abyssal Princes who schemed against him as well.

When this plan failed Demogorgon had still received an influx of power, the worship of the newly born Mobb had fattened him on divine praise, far greater than any he had received before. No longer wishing to destroy the world, now Demogorgon wants to make it an addition to his Abyssal holdings, to conquer and consume its energies and transcend his current form for that of the divine.

As for the Leviathan, Demogorgon is patient. He only needs to wait 500 more years before he can awaken the beast again… and this time the prime will be his and no heroes, no dwarf inventors, and no poets will stop him. To Demogorgon the Leviathan is nothing more than a weapon, the threat of it destroying all existence means nothing to him as long as his enemies are destroyed as well.

It should be noted in the world of Otep that Demogorgon’s Twin minds have reached a strange concord. Although both personalities still exist they are now united beneath the banner of their own worship.

The corruption of the Rentin family is another of Demogorgon’s goals, he has already been partially successful with much of the Orphean line. The remaining Rentins are notoriously hard headed in their opposition to the Serpent, a factor that Demogorgon is known to factor into his plans.


The Demogorgon represented in Fiendish Codex I is not the “True” Demogorgon. The True Demogorgon is approximately a CR 32, on par with his rivals Graz’zit and Orcus (Dragon Articles have the “True” stats). The version presented there is a powerful aspect of Demogorgon, while the “aspect” in the back of the book is a tiny shard dispatched by one of its more powerful selves.
Demogorgon has gained great knowledge from his ally, the Vestige known as Dagon. The two greatest powers that Demogorgon has gained in the last 500 years is his ability to create new demons and his ability to transform other creatures into fiends. Otherwise his spells and abilities remain focused on Corruption and Demonic might, and his twin personalities still allow him to act twice as quickly as all other creatures.

The first ability takes hundreds of years and vast Abyssal resources, but when it is completed the process results in an entirely new race of Demon. Demogorgon has used this ability at least twice in the last 500 years. The first time to create the Evangeli; the foul process involved years of torture, corruption and sexual deviancy finally resulting in the impregnation of the Headless Witch. The second creatures he has created are only recently being discovered, Ghostly Demons unable to fully manifest upon the material plane… instead they seem to drift along the vast wards that protect the world watching and spying, invulnerable to all harm. They are called “Orpheans” by the Ruby Servants, a name they say was disclosed to them through great divinations.

The second ability, to transform a mortal creature into a fiend, is relatively instantaneous but involves a ritual requiring the sacrifice of a hundred lives and culminates in the consumption of Demogorgon’s foul Ichor. Thus, this ritual is only performed in the heart of the Obsidian Pit where Demogorgon can manifest partially without limiting himself on the Material Plane. The “Congregation” of victims must be of some significance to the consumer, family or friends are ideal but not all members of this “congregation” need to be that level of intimacy, only one. The people in the room can simply be of the same race, former religion, being sexually attractive to the disciple, or some other trigger. It doesn’t matter what the Disciple feels towards this group, as long as he feels something towards them. As Demogorgon sends his tendrils across the boundaries of space time the Congregation is immolated, drowned, murdered, or drained in some way so that the arrival of the Demon-God is heralded by the deaths of many, but always leaving the one person the disciple is closest to in the group. The disciple is then allowed to feast on the Ichor of Demogorgon, a poisonous and deadly brew that instantly slays the disciple. When his soul arrives in the Abyss Demogorgon re-forges and reforms him in a dark twisted mirror of his previous life. The ritual ends when the Soul of the disciple steps back through the portal and slays the one remaining person from his previous life.

Named “The Damnation”, to say that the ritual is a damning evil act is an understatement as it physically transforms you into an Evil Outsider. As such you can never be killed unless it is done in the Abyss, slaying you simply banishes you from the Material Plane for a hundred years. This ability has been used at least 4 times in the last 500 years, each time it creates a creature of horrible power to threaten the empire.


Demogorgon has one Ally, all the rest are slaves or enemies. This Ally was once known as Dagon, Prince of the Depths, and he was one of the most powerful and ancient Obyrenth princes remaining in the Abyss. It was Dagon who revealed to Demogorgon the means to awaken the Leviathan, and it was Dagon whose terrifying cult sheltered Demogorgons agents as they enacted their foul rituals to destroy the world. Dagon’s own plans were convoluted and madness incarnate, incapable of being known to mortal minds… until he made a fatal mistake.

The Horrors of Dagon, a new breed of foul creatures released onto the prime attacked the Empire during the reign of Gwideon II, Gwideon’s only son. The Horrors were regenerative fish creatures, stronger and more devious than the “fish-men” of Dagon and Drowning Simon almost led them to victory on the Day of the Red Tide. This battle ended in the defeat of Dagon’s forces, but it also mortally wounded the Emperor.

Gwideon returned to the plane of his birth, kept young and powerful by his vast magic and now containing all of the “Spell Pool” of the arcane order within him. At the funeral of his beloved son he swore vengeance upon the Prince of the Depths and decided to destroy him once and for all. Gwideon traveled to the depths of the Abyss, to the 668th layer, and there he engaged Dagon in mortal combat unleashing the spirits and magics of the entire Arcane Order to destroy his foe. He was successful, but the price was great and Gwideon was captured by the Prince of Demons. His soul remains trapped, his fate uncertain.

As for Dagon, the cruel ancient creature had forseen his own defeat and laid plans to return to life… but had not accounted for treachery on the part of other Abyssal princes. Orcus, Demon Prince of Undeath, barred the soul of Dagon from returning while Graz’zit, Dark Prince of Temptation, used his foul sorcery to trap the fallen Dagon between realms… condemning him to existence as a Vestige.

Demogorgon is now accompanied by the spirit of Dagon constantly, the vestige granting him great power and knowledge. In return he sustains it by supplementing the small trickle of divine energy still paid to Dagon, with his own divine energies.

It should also be mentioned that the Prince of Demon welcomes any fallen Heroes to his side, and the most powerful are blessed with the Damnation.


Demogorgon’s two greatest rivals are Orcus and Graz’zit, demon princes that rival him in power in the Abyss. Both are featured heavily in Fiendish Codex I.

The Empire of Otep is Demogorgon’s greatest foe on the Material Plane, their vigilance and determination to destroy his forces and cult are as unending as his own hunger for their souls. The Emperor, Saint Uriel, and Justice are three individuals who have successfully personally foiled Demogorgon’s plans, and he is aware of them. The Poet Gerkos often factors in the plans of Demogorgon, as even the prince of Demons is uncertain to the poets true nature. J.J. Manrig remains a thorn in Demogorgon’s side 500 years after his death, the Prince of Demons despises the magical artifice which continues to protect existence. Beyond that individuals are too unimportant to matter to Demogorgon, but several forces within the empire have aroused his ire.

Demogorgon despises the Cloaked Sisters, an organization that he views as a pale mockery of his own Evangeli. Cloaked Sisters that are captured by the Cult of Demogorgon undergo horrific ritual sacrifice and torture before being allowed to die. The Platinum Orders of Elora are bothersome to him, but no more than any other group of Paladins or Knights… with the exception of the Lost Flock. Demogorgon views the Lost Flock as his property, and he desires to repossess them more than many other mortals. Members of the Lost Flock who are captured are invariably brought to an Evangeli… though most of them find a way to die before they can be converted. Finally the Six Fingers, although largely inconsequential to Demogorgon, are bothersome to him… especially since they exist within his “realm” on the material plane.


Cult of the Two Headed Serpent

-The Cult of the Two Headed Serpent was Demogorgon’s first attempt in the modern age to dominate the world through spiritual means. Born in the second century of the Empire, the cult was a hedonistic and pompous association that dedicated itself to enlightenment through excess and hedonism. It grew to great popularity among the nobility and young who enjoyed the message of “Do what you feel is best”. Destroyed by Gerkos the Poet, the cult remains a hidden force throughout the empire. Platinum Knights spend much of their time searching for Cultist or battling the forces of the Mobb on the frontlines, depending on where their expertise lie. Cloaked Sisters are the sworn enemies of the Cult, the abilities of the Sisters are especially potent when used against the demon worshiping hedonists. When one is accused of Demon worship it is usually because the accused is associated with the Cult, not the Mobb.
- Members of the Cult of the Two Headed Serpent are civilized and usually charming. They believe that physical pleasure is the goal of existence and that happiness in this world is something that they deserve, not something that they have to earn. As such they are selfish, cruel and cold with warm and pleasing exteriors. They are not raving madmen, most of the time, but cold and calculating predators. Scions of Evil are granted as a supreme gift to devout worshippers, the evil child completely undetectable by all but the most powerful of the Cloaked Sisters.
- The Cult is a known servant of Demogorgon, those that take part in it are aware of whom their prayers go to. Thus the Cult is mostly popular with the young and rebellious who enjoy the thrill of domination and hedonism within the cult, or the idea of rebellion against an empire they feel doesn’t appreciate them. Most don’t believe the depth of the evil they are sinking too until it is too late for salvation. Nobility is still drawn to the cult, the power offered by these dark priests is always available for a price… and no task is to despicable to be performed.
- There are hidden cults of Demogorgon, tricky and devious cults that seduce the unwary into worshiping the lord of demons without revealing the true nature of their beliefs. These are more common with the populace and common people.
- Participation in a cult of Demogorgon is punishable by death. Harboring a known worshiper or withholding information on a cult is a crime that can lead to execution. Inquests are performed into the “Secret Cults”, those that are not openly worshiping Demogorgon, to determine how deep the corruption goes… cults among nobility are not given this benefit and receive fire and steel.
Domains: Evil, Domination, Lust, Abyss
Favored Weapon: Rapier

The Mobb

- The Mobb are the savage descendants of the souls converted to Demogorgons worship during the Devistation. For hundreds of years they existed within the empire, but within the last century and a half they have been pushed back beyond the edge of the world… to the savage and cruel jungles of the south east.
- Members of the Mobb have become more feral and destructive in their 500 years of corruption. Many of them bear ritual markings, tattoos and brands. Others are tainted by demonic powers and have developed fiendish and abyssal bloodlines. Tieflings are common, Half Fiends are exceedingly rare and quickly rise to positions of prominence. Monstrous races, and demihumans (elves, dwarves, etc…) are not rare. More corrupted elves exist among the Mobb than uncorrupted do in the Empire. Several races thought to be extinct are present in the Mobb, including Giants.
- Members of the Mobb are feral and tribal, they do not build although they forge weapons and create magical items if their talents allow them to do so. The buildings and shelters of the Mobb are crude and poorly constructed, while they lived in the Empire they didn’t maintain the buildings… as much as not destroy them.
- Attempting to describe Mobb society is pointless, each tribe functions differently. The only thing all of them have in common is a reverent fear of the demons that prowl their lands, and the slavish obedience they pay to the strongest members of their community.
- Members of the Mobb speak a strange pigeon version of Common mixed with Abyssal. The smartest of them pick up other languages usually Abyssal, Giant or some monstrous language that has survived.


- Evangeli- The children of the Headless Witch, Evangeli are a subbreed of Succubi who give up some of their sexual power in exchange for spiritual abilities.
- Orfeans- Created from the ghosts of the corrupted Orphean line of the Rentin Family. The Orfeans are demons who have been partially banished from the prime, they are physically stuck on the wards that protect the plane. Unable to interact with the world they are master spies.

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