Bosses Rest

Bosses Rest is the only official territory belonging to the Free Nations. A gigantic tent city, some of which haven’t been moved in hundreds of years, decorate a large open plane surrounded on all sides by scenic forest and lake side views. The Big Tent rests at the center of this wandering sprawl, the official capital of the wanderers, vagabonds, and free spirits of the world.

Located on the Shore of Bill Lake and the southern edge of the Lesser Forrest, Bosses Rest is closest to Far Plains. They often trade with the cities of Xaber and Whiteport as well and serve as a halfway place between Elora and Whiteport. Bosses Rest is located in a temprate zone, and experiences all the seasons. It ranges from wonderfully warm and fragerent in spring and summer to bitterly cold in winter. The turning of the leaves in Autumn attracts many noble visitors to the shore of Bill Lake. Some say that the seasons are exceptionally vibrant in Bosses Rest because of the nearby druids and the one time presence of Lutin. Others say that Lutin and the Druids choose this spot because the seasons are exceptionally vibrant.

As an independent nation the laws of the Empire do not apply here. The Code of the Free rules the people of Bosses Rest… which is very different from Imperial Law. Although the basic morality remains, personal freedom and skill are more valued and those who feel they have been cheated are less likely to receive help from the authorities. Duels are common in Spring, crime is low in all seasons but Summer.


The original purpose of the Free Nations was to allow the two Free Spirited members of the Six to be allowed to live their lives they way they wanted… off in the woods making lots of babies. But due to destiny, fortune, and the natural worlds constant chatter Lutin and Ren found a strange thing in the wilderness they had claimed for themselves. A druidic circle had taken the villagers who lived nearby and placed them in magical hibernation that was only now ending, saving them from the horrific storms and natural disasters that had plagued the rest of the continent. The Druids had not been so lucky, they died protecting their sacred grove from the forces of the Mobb.

Unwilling to let the people die, and needing more breeding material back in Whiteport anyways, Ren and Lutin began their long trek back to civilization. During the course of this cross country travel the two heroes’s found more and more scattered bands of survivors until finally they arrived at Whiteport at the head of a rather large refugee force.

Having done their good deed for the month, Lutin and Ren prepared to return to the forest to continue their plans of making lots of children but found that a good number of the refugees refused to let them leave. They swore themselves as vassals to the two hero’s prompting Lucky’s famous speech.

“Listen your all free to do whatever you want; except follow me around. I don’t want to be in charge.”

Followed by Lutin’s even more famous speech.

“I do.”

And that’s how Lutin became “Lady Lutin” and the Free Nations were born. Bosses Rest was the first place Lucky put down his enchanted tent, Lutin’s followers put up camp alongside him… and it hasn’t moved since.

Bosses Rest through the Ages

In the early days Bosses Rest was the perpetual home of the Rentin family and their direct vassal families. The sound of children playing was constant, as was the sounds of nature, the whiny of horses and the practice of sword play. As the world rebuilt itself and more people joined with the Free Nations taking the “Oath of the Free” they often built camp near the safety of the “Big Tent” before heading on their way to whatever goals and fates awaited them.

Many of those who joined up with the Free Nations did not want to spend their lives living in the woods, and most of the skilled masons and carpenters still lived in the Imperial Cities. Thus the primary mode of living for the members of the Free Nations became that of the Wagon or Tent. As the tent city crew in size several of the more elaborate tents became more and more permanent structures, reinforced against the wind and weather by druidic magic and ingenuity.

Businesses began to spring up, traveling merchants would claim that every time they visited the tent city new wares were available. Blacksmiths and Artisans had found ways to survive in a forest setting through the use of Lutin’s magic…and still the Tent City grew. With the disappearance of Lady Lutin the miraculous abilities of the forest, such as Ironwood trees, animated plants that moved out of the way, talking animals and magical solutions too many of life’s problems slowly began to fade. The golden age of Bosses Rest had come to an end.

By the time of the Serpent War the tent City had become a sprawling complex that stretched along the entire southern shore of Bill Lake and well into the Lesser Forrest. When the traitorous Jorus Rentin was corrupted his madness and eldritch fire caused massive collateral damage to the city, thousands of lives were lost in the ensuing fires. Survivors were drawn into the embrace of the Two Headed Serpent, corrupted or slain, while others burned or drowned in their desperate attempts to escape.

When Jorus was defeated and peace returned Boss Slayer declared that the tent city was never to grow to that size ever again. He limited the number of people who could be at Bosses Rest at any time, giving out seasonal “passes”. Families were allowed to trade these among themselves year by year, but only those with the appropriate badge were allowed to stay at bosses rest during the full season. Even the Rentins were not exempt from this rule. Many argued that it went against the spirit of the Free Nations but Boss Slayer refused to compromise, the loss of his family during the fires had hardened his heart to the pleading of his people.

“Freedom is our gift. Irresponsibility, stupidity, and willful ignorance are not. We were meant to be free… and we shall be free again even if it requires kicking you all out.”

Slayer was not a popular boss, and to this day his act remains controversial but it is still enforced.

Bosses Rest Today

Today Bosses Rest is composed of ten to fifteen permanent structures near Bill Lake and hundreds of seasonal wanderers in tents and wagons. These “Permanent Structures” include the Bosses Tent or “Big Tent”, originally the home of Lucky Ren and Lutin. Magically preserved these 500 years it is much larger inside than out. Several permanent wagon establishments rest nearby, a forge composed of Ironwood and a spring of eternal water are the last two magical effects crafted by the Lady Lutin. The wagons are permanent, though their inhabitants much like the tree’s of the nearby forest and lake the city now changes with the seasons.

During winter Bosses Rest is a relatively quite place as the inhabitants struggle to keep warm. They ice fish, skate, and play in the snow. They share the tents and wagons with friends, cousins, and strangers and tell stories of their heroes and legends. Young men and women are taught skills that require patience and time, things that winter grants the Free Nations in abundance. At the winter solstice they hold a great ceremony on the frozen shore of the lake and light candles for those who have died.

Spring is a busy time as the winter folks leave at its first blossom and the mercenary captains arrive. Spring is a time for recruitment and the Bosses hire new mercenaries, trade agents, and share war stories among the cherry blossoms and new born buds. It is also a time to address grievances of honor and broken contracts. The Big Boss is honor bound to hear all complaints during the Spring and render his judgment before summer and the beginning of fighting season.

With Summer the children return en masse to Bosses Rest along with the many young families. The fighting companies ship out throughout the empire, pursuing contracts and adventure. Families take the summer months to train their children in skills that they can not learn on the road. Sword play, natural magic, and other outdoor activities become common. Marriages are common, as are first loves and first heartbreaks. Fruit is abundant and can be plucked from the tree’s above. The Rentin Family gathering takes place during the Summer Solstice as many members of the family return to their ancestral home for picnics, stories, weddings, and sometimes funerals.

Finally comes Fall, the end of the moving season. The summer families leave, some children remain behind apprenticed to tradesmen that are coming for winter or staying to help the Justice family run the campsite. Fall is a time of preparation as supplies are gathered and traded. Fall is the only season that all are welcome at Bosses Rest, and the needy are given what they will need to get through the long winter. A gigantic Potluck and Spirit festival commences to mark the end of fall when the wintering families arrive and the cycle begins anew.

Factions and Groups in/around Bosses Rest

The Rentins
- The Descendants of Lucky and Lutin, the Rentins are the unofficial princes and princess of the free nations. They are a varied and eclectic family, no matter what talent one is searching for it is theorized that at least one Rentin has it… and if they don’t they most certainly have a distant cousin who does. Not always in a leadership position, they are usually respected by their brothers and sisters in the Free Nations. Known for breeding generations of heroes, the Rentin bloodline has also bred one of the worst villains to ever threaten the empire.
- The Rentins are welcome as a family during Summer. The children of the “Justice” line are welcome year round as long as they are serving in their bureaucratic position. These Rentins are normally administrators, wandering caretakers, or guardians to the people who call Bosses Rest home during the current season.
- Some members of the Rentins chafe not being in the official leadership position of what they see as “There” people, others have no interest at all in leadership.
- The Rentin “Cousins” have a habit of showing up during the Summer Reunion. These creatures are granted great amounts of respect and are treated as members of the family no matter what their appearance might suggest. In return the Rentins have been blessed by the Fey many times and their bloodline sparkles with the magicks of enchantment and glamour.

The Lotus Druids
- The Lotus Druids are a sect of Druids that help to protect the Lesser Forrest and Bill Lake, as a result they see Bosses Rest as part of their stewardship. Lotus Druids were heavily influenced by the teachings of Lady Lutin and as such are generally speaking a friendly and insightful group, willing to discuss and compromise rather than give into patterns of violence.
- The Lotus Druids have helped defend Bosses Rest in the past and were instrumental in extinguishing the fires that threatened to consume it and the nearby forest during the Serpent War. They are also known to assist families, children and wanderers that get lost in their forest, leading them back to Bosses Rest unharmed.
- That being said the Lotus Druids do not share the same goals that the Free Nations do. Unlike the Free Nations who have an alliance with the Empire the Lotus Druids exist completely outside of the political world. To them the great conflicts of the world are a necessity, they help to turn the wheel of change and bring about a fresh age. A Lotus Druid will destroy a Demon who threatens the safety of the area but as an order they refused to join in with the Crusade.
- Those that threaten the safety and purity of the area the Lotus Druids protect find themselves quickly at odds with them. The Lotus Druids see themselves as a force of nature and as such have no compunction about killing, hunting, and trapping their foes. Game Hunters and Defilers often find themselves the prey in a forest that quickly turns against them.

The Bosses
- The Bosses are the leaders of the Free Nations. Led by Boss Eli, the Bosses are mercenary captains who fight and adventure for whatever price they feel is right.
- The Bosses and their companies are welcome in the Spring.
- Different mercenary companies vary greatly, but generally speaking they fight for either money or honor. Those that fight for money often sell their services to the empire to help defend against the Mobb, slay wandering monsters, or in the most recent case to participate in the Crusade. Those that fight for honor often sell their services out to Nobleman who wish to engage in battles by proxy, their duels settled by groups of men rather than single combat. These companies seek a name and glory rather than fortune and as such are often dragged into adventure even when no price is offered.
- Boss Eli is the official leader of the Free Nations and as such is in charge of settling all disputes during spring. His word goes, there is no higher court or appeal system. Often times he is presented with imperial magistrates who have captured Free Nations criminals and demand justice. He also has the ability to mobilize the Free Nations as a group and call in companies or revoke their charters if he feels they are disgracing the name of the Free Nations as a whole.

The Fey
- The Lesser forest is one of the most active planar zones in Otep. It is possible to step through the Lesser Forest and into the Faerie Lands… though getting back through is always an issue.
- The Fey as a whole love the Free Nations, they see these strange wild humans as liberated and entertaining in a way that their city bound cousins are not. The wild tempers and hot passions that are part of the Free Nations draw to the Fey to them… with mixed results. Many fey blooded children can be found among the Free Nations, but stories of Fey Abduction are also common.
- The Rentins are known to have bread a great deal with the Fey early in their lineage and as such many “Cousins” of the Rentins are known to appear in Bosses Rest. During the Summer festival these creatures are treated with utmost respect, other times they are feared and placated. These creatures are utterly alien to most members of the Free Nations, and while they are undeniably beautiful there is a simmering madness behind it that makes many of them uncomfortable to be around for long.
- The Unseelie Fey are known to prowl the darkness of the forest and willowisps are not uncommon during the summer months. The Lotus Druids and Unseelie Fey are often struggling in the shadows of the summer festivals, something the Free Nations remain blissfully unaware of. While the court of Light and Music might find the silly mortals amusing, the Court of Night and Magic finds them to be trivial and tasty…a combination that ends poorly for the mortal.

Famous People in/Around Bosses Rest

Flutter Rentin (LG Half Fey Ranger)
- Flutter, a silly name, is not a silly man. He is one of the most responsible members of his family and guards Bosses Rest fanatically. He has lived his entire life in the lake, the forest and the fey lands that border the Tent City. While he doesn’t serve an administrative role, the Butterfly Winged Ranger is one of the most powerful guardians the city has… and the only one who can convince the fey to give back what they have taken.
Boss Eli ( NG Half-Elf Cleric (Nature Domains)
- Eli is a former Lotus Druid who discovered that when he was forced to choose between the order that raised him and the people who lived nearby … he much preferred the society of free men and the excitement of battle. Due to his Lotus Heritage he has served as an excellent go between and leader for the Free Nations, helping to unite a group of people who pride themselves on their differences.
Arch-Druid Zami (TN Dwarf Druid)
- Zami was born Free Nations and was one of those poor souls taken by the Fey in the dark of night, a changeling left in her bed. When she was rescued by the Lotus Druids they informed the young dwarf that it would be impossible for her to return to her previous life without risking the safety of her family. Thus Zami joined the Lotus Order, and quickly discovered her talent for natural magic. Zami, unlike previous Arch-Druids, has no love at all for the Fey and considers them a threat to both her order and the people that birthed her.
Huntsman (NE Satyr Scout/Ranger)
- Huntsman is the leader of the Unseelie Kidnappers in the Lesser Forrest. He has no particular love or hatred for the mortals that live nearby… but he finds that they provide him excellent sport. Unknown to the Lotus Druids and Free Nations Huntsman has unknowingly protected them for many years, Mobb Cultists and spies sent to infiltrate them are always detained or distracted bye a winsome young lass… right before the cruel Fey find them and begin the hunt.

People from Bosses Rest are…

Open Minded: Raised around so many different cultures, families and thoughts its almost impossible for someone from Bosses Rest to see things through only one point of view.

Free Speaking: Coming from a society where one says exactly what’s on their mind, people from Bosses Rest often find themselves in trouble for doing exactly that.

Independent: Like all people associated with the Free Nations the inhabitants of Bosses Rest are more likely to want to do something themselves than get someone else to do it.

Late: Growing up with the seasons in a gigantic tent city doesn’t usually make one very timely. People from Bosses rest often view things in terms of days, times of day, or seasons… not hours or minutes.

Races and Classes in Bosses Rest

Humans: The vast majority of Free Nations members are human and so humans are the primary occupants of Bosses Rest, they come and go with the seasons.

Feytouched: Whether it’s a fey bloodline, half fey, fey touched, a nymphs kiss or just a touch of fey heritage the men and women of Bosses Rest are known for their connection to the enchanted world of Glamour.

Elves and Half Elves: In the early days many Elves lived in Bosses Rest because they sought to turn the area into a separate kingdom for themselves. When it became obvious that the Free Nations would never support any kind of uprising and that the Elves didn’t have the numbers to support an independent nation they departed. The Elves that still live in the area number less than 20, but their bloodline has become a part of the traveling world of the Free Nations producing multiple half elves in many parts of the world.

Others: Since the Free Nations has members of all Races among its followers it is not unusual to see any number of odd creatures wandering Bosses rest at certain times of the year. Halflings and Dwarves interact with Centaurs and Woodlings.

Druid: The Lotus Druids are not the only Druidic path in the area, just the most common. Druidic magic is taught within the Free Nations as part of the birthright granted to them by Lucky and Lutin… though finding one of the wandering families that practices it is mostly a matter of seasons.

Warlock: Due to their closeness to the fey a great number of young impulsive men and women have either discovered innate talents or made pacts with the spirits of the forest. The Warlocks of the Free Nations are mechanically identical to darker more sinister pacts, but their abilities are often flavored with more light and illusion rather than darkness and fire.

Barbarian: The freedom to travel with families, moving only with the seasons and being beholden to no one can leave children as a bit… wild. Some of these children embrace their wildness and think of themselves as creatures of the land. These barbarians live much like the rest of the Free Nations do, a nomadic seasonal lifestyle, but their martial prowess and barbarian rage often mark them out for a quick recruitment by traveling bosses.

Roleplaying Tips

Remember, except for the big boss and his helpers nobody gets to stay year round. Bosses Rest might have been your “Home” but you spent at least half the year traveling from place to place.

You probably grew up around lots of other children who had lots of interesting and fantastic stories for you. Meeting new people isn’t a foreign prospect for you, even if your not particularly good at it (Low Charisma).

You have probably seen at least one fey, you’ve definitely seen at least one Rentin.

You might be built for an Urban setting, but if your from Bosses Rest you have fond memories of the outdoors. You might not have any skills that reflect this (Survival or Knowledge Nature) but it doesn’t stop you from explaining how when you were a child…

Crunchy Junk

Spirit Friend
Spirit Creatures, including Ghosts and Fey, are less likely to attack you unprovoked.
Requirements: Wild Empathy or Chastise Spirits or Turn Undead
Benefits: Unless given reason all Spirit Creatures start at Neutral or better on their interactions with you. You receive a +2 Diplomacy bonus when dealing with Spiritual Creatures.

Seasonal Wanderer (Regional)
You grew up wandering the empire with the seasons, but you always came home to Bosses Rest for at least part of the year.
Requirements: Must be from Bosses Rest, must be taken at level 1.
Benefit: You treat natural conditions as one step less severe than they would normally be. This ability applies to wind strength, swimming in difficult water, and storms even if they are of a magical nature.

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