Welcome to the World of Otep

Otep. The central continent of a world that is down, but not out.

This bitch. Let us make her fly.


Check check it. Sam Kaye is a blogger now.
Awwwww yeah.

Oh my God an Update!

Hey kids, I'm actually doing something with this site again. Wow. So, I got The Devastation linked up. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who's made dumbass spelling mistakes on this webpage. What were those mistakes, you ask? Fuck off. I'm never gonna tell you. Ask Molly, she'll tell you.
I still need to figure out how to redirect the page Devastation to The Devastation but I think that will come next.

Major thing one I've been doing is messing with the layout of pages. I've been reading through most of the articles and making some formatting changes. This note is pretty much only for Andrew and Sam, but hey, go Ben for making a Sea Bulls page. Hopefully there will be more to come.

The last new addition, and the big one that I hope will be useful (and used) by many more authors, is a new Article Templte! It will be used for Player Characters mostly, but I guess it could be applied to any sufficiently fluffed up character. Maybe I'll start directing shite from the Important People of Otep page. Everyone should make a page for their big characters. Hell, even dead ones.
I really want to see this wiki pick up. I have a forum topic that's all about me improving this site, so go use it. Make Drew feel loved.

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Click that link, and yeah, you will have to make that WikiDot account.
It's really not that bad.

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Check there top navigation menu. There's something that says "help." Yeah, click that.

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